This New Mario Kart Is Looking Right AF


i am a mario kart champion.
no one can beat me.
no one.
even if i’m playing as bowser’s slow ass.
that is one game that i’m confident in my skills.
i have played damn near every mario kart.
by myself.
with others.
i always won because i’m just that nice.
as soon as i start working again,
i’m getting me a nintendo switch for the new “mario kart 8 deluxe”.

do you see all these characters!?!?!?…

you can play as the koopa kids from mario world!!!

i love how far mario kart has come over the years.
i was watching this video the other night:

…and i nearly cried.
that game is pretty iconic in my life and brings back a ton of memories.
me whuppin tail and others crying talmbout i was cheating.
i just knew where knew where to put that banana peel.
i can’t wait to get this new game.
judging from the levels

i’m sold!

lowkey: another one i was good at was mario party.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “This New Mario Kart Is Looking Right AF”

  1. I love this because i purchased mario kart on the wiiu it is fun tbh. I can’t wait to get a switch cause this and some other games.

  2. I use to play Mario Kart none stop on N64 and GameCube. It’s almost like a crack addiction. Unfortunately I’ll stick with my PS4, unless I get some extra money to get a new system.

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