So Is Milan Christopher Gonna Break The Internet Today?

*the following entry is strong parental advisory.
nudes are underneath!

18 and under needs to go.

the “kim kardashian of the gay community” wants to break the internet.
milan christopher had a shoot with “paper magazine”:

he also gave us a healthy hybrid serving of meat and bunz.
this is what the rest of the photo shoot looks like…

did he get paid for this shoot?

i know he has some stories.
i can only imagine who has been inside him.
looking at that weaponary,
who has he been inside?
or is that just for show?
like an ornament or your parent’s living room you can’t go on.
he has a fat tail tho:

i bet his dms are about to be lit.

lowkey: i’m surprised no one in the foxhole smashed that yet.

read full interview | pictures cc: paper magazine

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “So Is Milan Christopher Gonna Break The Internet Today?

      1. Also is this a first for Paper mag? I know they normally feature vixens but this is the first time I’m seeing them feature a male, with full frontal and semi hard at that.

  1. Love the shots. Made my tumblr-day. 😁😁

    But this isn’t artistic. This looks like a foto shoot for Raging Stallion. Is Paper a porn mag. I’m confused.

  2. gotta give him his props his body, skin, and butt are great.

    P.S. Just because he was bottoming in a sex tape doesn’t mean he doesn’t sling that pipe 😉

  3. Give him his due. ..hes handsome af..nice body. ..ass…skin….dick….attention sloring aside hes a dime

  4. Okay so I maybe in the minority here but .. I don’t judge people by how they make their money.. BUT. I just wonder two things.. 1) Would he have done it naked if his dick was smaller?? 2) is he really trying to make a statement or is he a attention Whore?? I mean this is not the first time he has been nude. one of the marketing campaigns he has done as a model he was nude front and back. I mean he has a nice body and all but I start scratching my head when people say they did is as an “Art Form” or Making a statement. I dunno ..

    1. That whole “I’m doing this to express art/break down walls/etc” bit is such bullshit. There’s nothing wrong with a little vanity and being a show off, but own it. He spent a lot of time perfecting his body. I don’t know what he means that he’s doing something different, though. Men have been showing off their bodies for years. We know where to go if he want to see some dick lol. Maybe he means it’s different because he’s nude for a mainstream magazine? Idk.

      He looks scrumptious though.

  5. Milan was on TMZ Live he said his photoshoot will not be in the magazine only on Paper Magazine website.It was done to increase traffic on the website.I am little confused a black gay man is good enough to trend and increase traffic on Paper’s website but not good enough to be in the magazine? Are mainstream magazines allowed to show full frontal male nudes? I can’t recall seeing full frontal except in Playgirl and Porn magazines.I have nude males in non Porn mags but they didn’t show penises.

  6. He is so nice looking. Like seriously beautiful. I don’t care about him being an attention whore because it’s not like I’m trying to make him my significant other. He is nice to look at and to admire. It’s funny that people on this site are talking about him and taking shots but if give. The opportunity is they would smash. I will be the first to admit that I would.

  7. I’m pretty sure everyone on here doesn’t find the same things attractive though. After witnessing a person’s nasty personality can make the.ugly af.

    But anyways, he has a nice body…So do a lot.of other dudes on Insta and the like….I love the chocolateness of his photos!! 😍 His dick and skin looks nice though. Gotta give him that!!

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