Wendy Williams Is Taking Us Back To The (Mature) Radio

the world might just be coming to an end next week.
wendy williams will be the one to do it.
i don’t know if you guys are familiar with “radio wendy”,
but she was a hot mess back in the day.
no one was safe and she had no issue telling your business.
real or fake,
fact checked or not,
she talked about it.
“radio wendy” had no filter and i think folks were low key scared of her.
well someone from those days will be on her show next week,
take a look who

“puff daddy”.
“take that take that”

how did this even happen?
why is this even happening?
i have more questions but these will do for now.
she revealed it on her after show today @3:50:

i WISH i had cable!
ima be watching that upload as soon as it posts.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Is Taking Us Back To The (Mature) Radio

  1. Omg. You gotta be a man of a certain age to understand why this is monumental. Diddy ran her outta town over those rumors *clears throat*. I’ll definitely be watching. Now that she’s been renewed she channels radio Wendy more often. Such a dope come up. Her and Kevin knew and saw the vision and look at her now.

  2. She probably gonna turn into a big crybaby AGAIN like that time Whoopy came on her show for the first time.

  3. This is a huge moment in history! I’ve been listening to Radio Wendy since the beginning of time. I love aunt Wendy. I’m so ready for this! I truly am happy that I’m not alone with how big this is! You should do open live discussion! I’m a huge female wrestling fan. And I frequent this site called http://www.diva-dirt.com and they do an open live forum where we all talk about Monday’s and Tuesdays live events playing on TV. Where able to use gifs and all especially with Disqus.

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