When A Vixen Loves Her Baller Wolf Husband

i personally wouldn’t be putting up pictures of my wolf,
but i can understand if you do.
ayesha curry loves her husband.
steph curry loves her as well.
they were down on the beach in hawaii,
you know after his big championship win,
and she posted this

i’ve personally never found him attractive,
but that is a nice photo of him.
i think it’s nice that she is sexually attracted to her husband.
it would be a shame if she wasn’t.
i feel she is gonna get pregnant again soon.
i know that ayesha can do too much,
but i admire the love and support she shows stephen.
i hope one day i will be able do the same.
i’ll allow it.

lowkey: the she-hyenas hating on this shot…
some of them get flown out and get a face full of nut.
some are investigating why he isn’t answering texts/calls.
some are bitter from their divorce/break up.
i get it.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “When A Vixen Loves Her Baller Wolf Husband”

  1. She should be very proud of her husband and he is very attractive to me!! I like them as a couple, very cute and likeable. I like her a lot too….love her cooking show on food network 😍😍😍

  2. Yummy, yum, yum all nice and tone mmm… I’ve seen some athlete’s check on their partner’s with video chats especially checking on the little ones. Tho some of them are loyal but I could be wrong.

  3. Well, he is fine af to me, and always has been. Ayesha is blessed to have him though because he is a good man. There are not very many athletes that conduct themselves well.

    1. @The Man…it’s them “goody-goody” ones that are the worst! They keep their grimy shyt under wraps good..until they come across the wrong one. LOL

      I’m sure he got side chicks in every city like the rest of his compadres. LOL

      1. I don’t know about that because he has never been exposed. A groupie would have been blackmailed him or something. The image everyone has of him is huge and he needs to protect that.

      2. If you takin care of them the way they want/need to be taken care of, then you won’t have a problem. The moment he fucks up, it will come to light. I do hope that he is a caring, family man and ain’t steppin’ out on the missus (lord help the chick if it is true)…but history has shown us that ain’t the case! Kobe, Michael J., Lebron, Tiger W., Magic Johnson, Tony Parker…so many of the players with the marketable goody-goody image had the facade fall apart at one moment or another. Some of them were good with their PR to spin it; the others were not so lucky.

  4. Yea. He’s cute. Asthetically. He just has no sex appeal. And looks low key like a cat. And looks like he has a long skinny joint. But he’s still a beast on the court.

    1. @Nevets I was just about to say that lol. Idk what it is about light skin dudes but pass.

  5. Im glad im not the only one not sexually attracted to him, maybe its his face or something just i have yet to see it. Although i do accept their love and find it great that they have such a closeness.

    1. Does NADA for me…AT ALL! LOL
      Now his teammate Andre Iguadola (sp)….THAT mofo could get it!

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