Weekend Getaway From Me, Pt 2

….So when we left off yesterday,
I wanted Mixed to be mixin’ up in my good stuff…

Foxes and Wolves,
he hit me up instantly via text when he got home…..

“I wanted you so bad.” He said.
“I did too.”
“What time you leave tomorrow?”
“Like midday.”

I fell asleep with him asking me the oddest questions.

“You like it when I’m aggressive with you?”
“You know how to use your lips?”
“Pretty much.”
“You miss me?”

He just left like 20 minutes ago LOL
I really don’t miss guys that quick… unless you are on some Daddy shit.
I figured he needed validation.
He asked other vomit-inducing questions:

“What you like about me?”
“You miss me?” (again)
“Would you ever be with me?”

It was like four something in the morning
and I was outta horny and into sleep/drunk mode.
just stopped replying and went to bed.

As soon as I got back to the Concrete Forest,
the first text I got was:

“You miss me?”



He would hit me up as the rest of the days went on.
It would be very light, with hints of sex, kinda convo.

“How are you?”
“You miss me?”
“Yeah…” Really, no.

I was going through a little something and I wanted an ear.
Since Mixed was trying to be all in my mix,
I figured we would try to talk on something other than the usual.

So, I texted him…

“Hey wassup?”
“Nothin. How are u?”
“I’m going through a little something. Just dealing with an issue that has been bothering me. You ever felt… invisble?”
“It sucks.”
“Yo I’m horny.”

W T F?

Left field.

“You gonna let me fuck you when I come out there next week?”
“Cause I’m trying to talk to you about something and you went off on this “I’m horny” shit. I’m not just a sex toy. I hope you enjoy your time in NY and have a good holiday *wink*.”
“I mean, cool yo, we met on some sexual shit. Now you not tryna be a sex toy? Get the fuck outta there with that shit. It’s whatever. If I wanted to fuck you, I coulda took you home that night. Have a nice life dude.”

Now, I KNOW.
We all have our bird-ish moments.
I am sure I will contradict myself with the follow sentences.

I like sex.
You know this and I know this.
When I met Mixed, we had a good amount of sexual chemistry.
I mean we didn’t fuck but we damn near came… close to it.
The way how he was coming at me as the days went on,
I thought he may have wanted more than just to smash.
Obviously, he just wanted to smash.
And that is okay, but I wanted more and I caught myself up trying to make an obvious jump-off into my full-time Wolf?
I may have fucked up and ASS-umed.
I know I did, but I felt I was starting to be over Mixed anyway.
The “Do you miss me?” and other bs was becoming overkill…

The way I see it,
he wanted the ass BUT he also wanted to butter me up before he got it.
I mean, really?
He was gonna come out here and we would have fucked like rabbits… and then that was it.
As soon as his dick entered me, the balls game would have changed.
He would have hit it out the park…
…. and left after our first and final score.

He doesn’t even live in the Concrete Forest, which means nothing anyway. Funny, if I met a baller that played in another state, I’d be all for it.
*kanye shrug*

I guess what pissed me off the most was he dismissed my “issue”.
I was over it and maybe used that opening to cut ties.
I deleted him.


Next up… the dismissal of someone who could have been Daddy…
But he needed to get rid of that tumor on his arm.

The tumor is HIS BOYFRIEND.

What a November this has been…

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway From Me, Pt 2”

  1. Good, one less competitor for me… 😉

    I’m laughing at dude though. He was all ‘you miss me?’ and then got twisted outta shape when you asked him something serious…he got his face broke & was tryna to salvage some pride.

    1. Yeah he suddenly was “I coulda fucked you that night” bs.
      I can rest assure you… that was NOT going to happen
      as much as I would have liked too.

      I’m not above or beyond having a one night stand…
      But I wasn’t going to with him.

  2. Something was wrong somewhere in the mix! Yeah he wanted the ass, but
    “do you miss me” all the time? Nah!

    1. Yup RAM!!!
      I was over him when he started showing signs of potential insecurity.
      I can understand you being interested,
      but to ask “what do you like about me” after we first met…

      and when we met,
      you were on-top of me.

      Only thing I can say is I like your good looks and potential stroke…

  3. MW09 :The stud turned out to be a dud…oh well. You’re on to bigger and better things !

    Yep, like me! 😀

  4. Wow! How annoying is that!! I think you handeld well… although i would have asked him “WHY you keep asking me the same muthafu**in question?!” Idk but then again maybe i wouldnt have cared enough to care. Its obvious the boy has a problem, he might be on some crazy type sh**. (psycho music playing)

  5. I posted a blog about this very topic like a few days ago. Relevant. I couldn’t imagine why he would even be the LEAST bit interest in anything going on in your life? The interaction the two of you had lead him to believe you were a skeezer and he proceeded to treat you as such. You were actually the one who came outta left field with that whole thing about something bothering you lol. He could care less. We can’t get upset when we get all sexual with a dude upon our very first encounter and he then only comes at us on some sex stuff… we were the one who made that impression. All of those “do you miss me’s” were attempts at ego strokes. Men like to know that they’re missed and wanted. It validates their existence and lets them know that there is someone out there who thinks about them. Even if they aren’t thinking about you.

    1. I totally agree. I had my “birdish” moment but I felt over it as the days went on. He went from “damn!” to “damn is he hittin me up?” — and all because of simple questions he kept bombarding me with. After I realized I was over it, I wanted to get rid of him. It was doomed from the time we hit that floor to grind. Even though the way I did was completely ridiculous – I was able to get him off my list and send him back to a land… where I’m sure he will be “missed”.

      BUT… the standards of how men do things is usually different than how women do things. Women will act “virgin-like” to only fuck later. Men are use to having to court women in order to get some pussy. Men, on the other hand, are interested in the sex first and maybe you later…. A majority of men are usually sexual with each other before they get to know each other. Women these days are starting to think like men in that aspect. “Get the dick and worry about the particulars later”.

      So I did my thing cause I was sexually attracted to him… won’t lie there. I’ll just make sure I keep sex and get to know me very separate from each other.

      Good comment Vain!

      1. Well, like i told moody “there’s no point steering the ship into the sex seas and then wondering why it’s still floating there instead of in relationship waters.” Meaning, it wouldn’t be a good idea to contradict yourself if that’s what you are really after. Can’t let your genitals and your libido do the thinking because they care not concerned with your emotional well-being.

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