i am the (un) plug

everyone needs a break from time to time.
this is why the word “vacation” makes people feel all tingly inside.
in this panorama world,
for some,
traveling for vacation is out of the question.
no cap,
i’ve been thinking of doing a staycation in the city but money has been a little tight.
i’ve been feeling beat.
the news and social media has been a little too much tbh.

I needed a break or I was gonna have a breakdown

so i did it…

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The Weekend of Change

tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640this weekend has been a real chill type situation.
i literally slept off/on,
played batman: arkham knight,
and did some research on a new way of life.
i am on aa quest to really learn how to use the law of attraction.
it’s something i’ve been good at subconsciously.
i always wanted to learn how to do it consciously.
i did realize two things about myself tho…
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I’m Behind Enemy Lines

b2c61151a7fdfb1a60b7c996b2bfba28i didn’t mope around like i was going to this weekend.
i did stay in the crib,
but i actually felt motivated to do shit.
i don’t even think i felt sad for more than a couple hours.
i wrote,
because that always makes me happy,
but i also looked up ways to start getting back to whats important
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f0xmail: I Want This D/L Wolf With The Girlfriend To Like Me After We Smash!


Hi Jamari,

First of all congrats on the job. I just found one myself. Ain’t God good? Anyway, i  recently met this down low guy. We met online. He is very much in the closet. Has a girl friend. You know the type. He is definitely one of those undetectable types. He’s brown skin, got a nice body, tats, hood swag, everything I like. We’ve only texted since the first time we met and I think he is really interested. We are supposed to get together this weekend and will probably have sex. I want to let him know I like him and try to get him to open up. But he’s so private.

How can I put him at ease and let him know that he can trust me?


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Tyler Perry Lays Those Hands On TD Jakes (Can He Lay Hands On Me Next?)

tyler-td-newsso while i was dealing with the funeral arrangements for mickey mouse,
i was watching td jakes church online this morning.
you know i like to get my word from my laptop.
praise jesus!
it was the potter’s house big mega fest weekend and this was the closing sunday service.
  tyler perry was there and he had some interesting stuff to say to the audience,
as well as get in the spirit and well…

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