Tyler Perry Lays Those Hands On TD Jakes (Can He Lay Hands On Me Next?)

tyler-td-newsso while i was dealing with the funeral arrangements for mickey mouse,
i was watching td jakes church online this morning.
you know i like to get my word from my laptop.
praise jesus!
it was the potter’s house big mega fest weekend and this was the closing sunday service.
  tyler perry was there and he had some interesting stuff to say to the audience,
as well as get in the spirit and well…

Madea-hallelujer_largeso tyler got those anointed hands?
can he lay them right on my checking account?
can i just say it still amazes me to see people talk so boldly about money in the church?
the woman who was preaching before him asked for someone to sew a 1 million dollar seed.
blew my ass out the water!
she had the nerve to lower it to 1 thousand since everyone probably looked at her crazy.
she even announced the amount of money people were offering.
lady paid 10,000 dollars.
this gentleman said he would pay 1,000 every month for the next 12 months.
i mean what the what?
isn’t that weird to people?
i guess the good thing is td jakes is trying to build a youth center onto the church.
that makes it okay, right?
i’m all for paying tithes,
but let me pay what i want for offering.
they be on you like bill collectors on the 1st of the month.
i hate when they make you feel bad or try an outcast you for not giving.
well they do it to you.
they already know my attitude from jump.
seriously tho this is what makes people avoid church like the plague.
am i wrong for thinkin’ this?

x watch whole service here

4 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Lays Those Hands On TD Jakes (Can He Lay Hands On Me Next?)

  1. Oprah was there too , it will be on OWN Sunday.Today on OWN Have and Have Not marathon all day.
    Check out Tamela Mann performance on Sunday Best last night 10 minute Take Me to the King, best ever!
    Lastly Iyanla, Fix my life Episode 26 original air date 8/24 had a emotional, beautiful scene between a Black father and Gay 24 y.o. son, very moving.Gotta go Happy Labor Day we are having fish fry today rather than BBQ for the first time.

  2. You are absolutely right. Don’t pressure me to give. .. the Bible says give from a willing heart (paraphrased)

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