“You Wanna Piece of Me, You Little Punk?” Said Mrs. Elephant

tumblr_mkee4urjBn1roedvzo1_500who knew elephants didn’t “play that”?
so im trying to get my mind back in order after my traumatizing day.
this is the first thing i see on youtube.
i had to show and tell…

i loved this.
the two elephants who ran up communicated with each other.
“chill bro not even worth it”.
that third elephant said:
“naw fuck that.”
you know that was a bitch on her period.
people gon’ learn to leave animals alone.
this one with the giraffe tho:

why did it remind me of that scene in jurrasic park?

couldn’t be me.

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on ““You Wanna Piece of Me, You Little Punk?” Said Mrs. Elephant”

  1. LMAO..@the giraffe. He prob would have kicked and stomped on that jeep like it was a matchbox car lol. The women on the back we scared af. .

    Those elephants weren’t having it. That third one tho lol.

  2. It could be us, had slavery never happened.I always figured that’s why us black/Africans are very athletic.We’ve been running from Elephants,Rhinos, Giraffes, Lions, and Cheetahs for thousands of years, probably killing and eating them too, or trying to kill them.

    I’d hate to see the man that tried to run from a cheetah though.

  3. This kinda stuff kinda saddens me actually. Humans tend to treat other living creatures as if they don’t matter… they’re only here for food, or enjoyment. Neither of which is true. I give the animals there space and respect. When folks have these animals go after them, I sympathize, but all I can do is SMH, Oh, and @Zen Buddha, It WAS US because of slavery. The same things these folks say about the animals (they don’t have souls, there here for us, they don’t know any better, etc.), is what they said about us about 250-300 years ago. I can’t stand the zoo to this very day, lolol.

  4. I want to stress I’m generalizing here. White people are bold…have this sense they can do whatever they want, go anywhere, take whatever they want even if it clearly belongs to someone else. Humans are the only species that kill for sport. All others only kill to satisfy hunger and to protect their territory. We may walk past a lion or a python that has just eaten and it will pay us no mind. But why intrude on its space? We don’t want wild animals or people coming onto our property, the latter without invitation, at least.

    Those scenes brought back memories. I was out I’m the bush I’m Africa. When I learned their were elephants not far away, I begged one of my African friends to take me to see them. He looked at me like I had lost my mind. The look on his face was one of horror. He told me the elephants would pick up our scent and charge us. There is no out running an elephant. Please, don’t anybody try it. What we see in the zoo and circus is nothing, nothing like the reality in the wild, the natural habitat of these animals. We must respect them.

    1. ^i love that the discussion is going “here”.
      everyone brought up interesting points.
      i don’t know about anyone else,
      but i can see the sadness in the eyes of a captured animal.
      i remember I was walking to the apple store down on 5th ave.
      this horse was standing there attached to a carriage.
      he looked so sad and defeated.
      his eyes told me that story.
      broke my heart.

        1. Just this moment heard on the all news radio station a 64 year old woman is attempting to be the first person to swim from Cuba to the United States (90 miles) without being enclosed in a protective shark net! That stretch is shark infested, by the way. The report said the jelly fish are proving problematic. This goes right back to what I said in my first comment on this thread…SMH. But, maybe people could say those of us who would indulge one night stands with people we just meet are living dangerously, too. Guess it comes down to what floats your boat. Update just before hitting the submit key: she has 32 miles to go. Wishing her well.

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