No I Don’t Want You Here So You Better Get Out And Don’t Look Back.

originalmy worst fear realized.
so i’m in the crib this morning,
washing dishes,
listening to the word from dallas.
i look and see this thing curled up in the drain.
at first i thought it may have been a tea bag or something.
it was a dead mouse.
dropped all the shit and ran out the kitchen.
i stayed in my bedroom for practically the entire afternoon.
i wanted to come write something about introverts,
but i couldn’t even get my mind right to focus.
funny enough,
i kept having these visions a mouse was in my crib.
there was no mouse droppings anywhere.
no sign of anything.
i just had a feeling something may be in my apartment.
well i was right.
and i fucking flipped.
i went and asked my neighbor’s mama if she could come get it.
she was nice enough to get it.
i haven’t seen a mouse in here in years.
one came in through a crack in my closet a couple years ago.
got that fixed.
now we dying in my drain?
how the fuck it got in my sink?
i don’t leave food anywhere.
i put all my scraps in a bag for the freezer.
i leave nothing out.
empty trash regularly.
how in every bit of mickey mouse fuck….?
i can’t and will not.
dead ass i was about to move.
i wasn’t even playing.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “No I Don’t Want You Here So You Better Get Out And Don’t Look Back.”

  1. I am not mad at you!
    Rats, mice and rat sized roaches are three things I will not fuck wit.

      1. It’s a mouse… I’m sorry… a DEAD mouse… it’s more afraid of you. Oh, wait, no it’s not, because IT”S DEAD!!!!! LOLOL! Too much…

    1. ^oh im def gonna write about that.
      i guess it will all tie into the introvert entry.

      naw but she one of those black mamas who look at everyone like her kid.
      you know the type that always asking if you want to come over for dinner.
      well no dinner.
      i need you to come get this little bastard out my sink.

    2. Naaahhhh, these are the times to put ya big boy drawls on. I’m a fox and all that, but I will not run into the night screaming because of a bug/mouse/snake/etc. Especially if the thing is DEAD. Now a negro break in my house with a chainsaw… then it’s time to scream like a white woman.

  2. And don’t forget to write about how us wolves need you foxes. In a few months when it gets real cold, I hope I’ll be able to lie in bed a caress on some fox’s cakes, and when I get sick, he’ll be able to nurse me back to health. Random hookups on jack’d aren’t good for those tasks.

    1. I was raised to be a full-service fox, LOLOL! I cook, I clean, I do yard work, I get rid of pests (I put them outside, because I don’t like to kill things.), and I’m a nurse (no, seriously, I’m in nursing school and everything.). I grew up with a sister, and a mother that feared pests, so my dad and I had to handle those types of situations.

  3. Aww. Jamari is afraid of a little mouse. LMAO… I don’t get why people are so afraid of them. They are so tiny, and they are afraid of you more than you are of them.

    I can’t believe you asked your neighbors mama to come and get it out tho. Lord knows what ran through her head when you asked her lol.

    1. LOL you guys are acting like the neighbors mama is a senior citizen, she could be like Queen Latifah in Set it Off.BTW Im afraid of rats, mice even hamsters but I have no problems with snakes like Pythons or Boa Constrictor s

      1. ^she is laid back black mama!
        she reminds me of sylvia from sylvia’s restaurant here in harlem.
        im sure she thought i was crazy,
        but she scooped it up and took its ass out.

        i feel you on the snake thing.
        im not afraid of them.
        a hamster is cute.
        i could deal with that.
        it looks clean.
        it’s a mouse in a flyer outfit.

  4. Ewww that is gross!!! I had a mouse too in my apartment. I was sleeping and there was a noise coming from the kitchen, so I got up to check what the hell. When I saw my trash can or bin, w/e was moving and I checked it was a small blue mouse. And I scream like a little girl and ran to my mom. She set the mouse free back into the wilderness.

    1. And here is a #1 reason why I don’t white guys: white people are animal lovers. There nothing wrong with that, but the thing is because they are animal lover is means they going to take them home. Like this one white guy who had a pet rat, it was fat, dirty & ready to kill. And that m-f*cker had the nerves to leave that rat in the park in a rusted cage where the children are playing and very close to my home and I am on the first floor. My mom bang on his door and told him “Boy, you better take that shit in the dumpster.” Which he did thanks God.

      I will never understand white people and the obsession of taking random animals home with them.

      1. Yea it was a light blue mouse. I lived in Maine, so I don’t have the luxury to escape from the animals. It so weird when I was living in NY I would see deer, a duck with her babies, and pretty much cute animals. But now I see skunks, rats, mice, raccoon, and seagulls. I don’t know what the hell made me move here.

  5. “it was a dead mouse.
    dropped all the shit and ran out the kitchen.”

    That and the Homer gif = DEAD!

  6. LOL at Jamari, but don’t feel too bad. If my sister sees a spider and my brother-in-law is not at home, she will call me to drive across town to kill it. As far as mice go, Jamari, if it will make you feel better, they live in the best of places, even The White House. The earth belongs to them, too. You’re doing the right thing by not leaving food out. I somehow think this still might not make you feel better, lol. Sorry.

  7. Oh hell Naw… I woulda dipped the next day. lol!

    I got a couple of stories.,..
    My aunt said that she was sleep in her room one night and her something running back and forth on the floor but she aint know what it was so she ignored it and went back to sleep. Turns out it was a mouse and the mouse had ended up jumping on my aunts nightstand and then onto her bed and bit her on the neck. She said she screamed so loud that it woke the house up and everybody started running into the room to find out what happened. She had to go to the hospital to get a shot. Smh.

    Another story this girl told me was her aunt was sleep in her room and could feel something crawling in her bed but when she pulled the covers back she didn’t see anything so she went back to sleep. Well turns out it was a big ass cockroach in her bed and it had climbed on her neck and went inside her ear and died. So when she woke up she couldn’t hear shit in her left ear and had to go to the hospital to get it checked out. So they checked her ears and find a fucking roach in her ear and had to pull the shit out. Ewwwww.

  8. Where I live, there’s an old lady that has hella cats.You’d think they were strays because she just lets them run loose all around the neighborhood.I used to have a mouse problem but not those cays eat and kill those nasty bitches before they get to enter.Except I had to kill one this year.It was the first time I seen one in years.There are so many nooks and crannies that it’s makes it very hard to stop them from coming in.

    Also, I was having mouse problems because an old classmate of mine was going around and killing the cats.He said he would just keep punching them in the head.There was a time when all the cats had dwindled down in numbers and disappeared and now I know why, it was because of his crazy ass.He told us what got him killing cats was his mom bought him a cat as a pet, he killed it and hid it in his closet.His mom found it and so to punish him she would scratch the back of his cd’s.She couldn’t do him like she used to, he got huge once puberty hit.This was a troubled family.They used to beat him for the dumbest shit.They weren’t even disciplining him, they abused him like Ike did Tina, publicly, they didn’t care who watched.So I’m not surprised he started doing that to cats.

    The cats eventually replenished and I just saw a kitten in my backyard today.I think you should get a cat.The main critter I have to deal with is centipedes.They’re so gross looking to.They have tons of legs and some of them are thick.

      1. Wow, great observation and very good point, Y Colette! And, this makes all the neighbors who are aware of this behavior complicit in these killings. One with a
        troubled past such as his who exhibits this behavior can graduate to harming neighborhood kids if he thinks they ate making too much noise at play or an adult if he/she should look at him the wrong way. We allow too many things like this to go unaddressed in our community. When a major tragedy occurs, everybody talks about all the previous signs about which they did nothing.

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