No I Don’t Want You Here So You Better Get Out And Don’t Look Back.

originalmy worst fear realized.
so i’m in the crib this morning,
washing dishes,
listening to the word from dallas.
i look and see this thing curled up in the drain.
at first i thought it may have been a tea bag or something.
it was a dead mouse.
dropped all the shit and ran out the kitchen.
i stayed in my bedroom for practically the entire afternoon.
i wanted to come write something about introverts,
but i couldn’t even get my mind right to focus.
funny enough,
i kept having these visions a mouse was in my crib.
there was no mouse droppings anywhere.
no sign of anything.
i just had a feeling something may be in my apartment.
well i was right.
and i fucking flipped.
i went and asked my neighbor’s mama if she could come get it.
she was nice enough to get it.
i haven’t seen a mouse in here in years.
one came in through a crack in my closet a couple years ago.
got that fixed.
now we dying in my drain?
how the fuck it got in my sink?
i don’t leave food anywhere.
i put all my scraps in a bag for the freezer.
i leave nothing out.
empty trash regularly.
how in every bit of mickey mouse fuck….?
i can’t and will not.
dead ass i was about to move.
i wasn’t even playing.

Trouble Don’t Set Up Like Rain

tumblr_m536juHQsP1qags4no1_500life has a way of getting your attention.
sometimes it could be the perfect rich boyfriend.
giving you everything you desire.
other times it’s a bi polar he bitch who makes your existence a living hell.
nothing ever lasts too good for long.
even calm seas get rough from time to time.
you gotta be open to attacks.
my horoscope for today weirdly enough said something would go down.
well it went down underneath my sink.
after a nice breakfast,
there was a major leak that had me mopping and throwing away shit.
as i cleaned,
i had to wonder if i could have avoided this?
maybe when my sink clogged up last month,
that was a sign to get it checked?
i figured cancel the appointment because for some reason it fixed itself a couple of weeks later.
should we pay attention to every sign or sneaky suspicion?
or are some things just unavoidable?
fate does laugh at probabilities.
if only i knew that two weeks later,
i’d have an amazing mini flood,
i wouldn’t have cancelled my plumbing appointment.
what other chain of events would i have set off?
trouble doesn’t always set up like rain.
our internal weatherman named intuition has been wrong before.
i had to wonder…

When our gut talks,
should we always listen?