i am the (un) plug

everyone needs a break from time to time.
this is why the word “vacation” makes people feel all tingly inside.
in this panorama world,
for some,
traveling for vacation is out of the question.
no cap,
i’ve been thinking of doing a staycation in the city but money has been a little tight.
i’ve been feeling beat.
the news and social media has been a little too much tbh.

I needed a break or I was gonna have a breakdown

so i did it…

i unplugged from my phone and laptop.

no news.
no social media feed.
no being connected.
i spent the long-ass weekend playing video games and sleeping.
my energy was zapped,
but i’ll be 100:

I feel so much better.

it’s okay to just take a break from the world and do nada.
i know we always have to be on,
but always being available to all kinds of various energy can be draining.
if i felt comfortable to travel,
i would go somewhere nice and hot to getaway.
bae sold separately.
until they get this shit under control,
i’ll be unplugging when i’m at my wits end.
i suggest you do the same too.

lowkey: i always like to let the foxhole know when i unplug.
i don’t want ya’ll to think i dipped without saying anything.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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  1. I was just telling a friend this, sometimes you have to go ghost on everything and everyone to maintain your mental health. I had to learn how NOT to be accessible to everyone at all times

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