when the homophobic bully comes back around to pee on his face

i love when someone who treated you shitty comes back to apologize.
i love when someone who treated you shitty comes back to try and fuck.
it never fails with the gays and trans of the forests.
you go off to live your best life and that homophobic jackal comes sniffing back around.
a gay in new zealand who goes by “trash puss“,


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which goes against the loa,
got an interesting phone call from his homophobic bully of a jackal

i would have screamed when he said he wanted me to pee all over his face.

first of all,
i’d be scared this would be a setup.
i’m shocked this homophobic jackal is so open.
he must be reallllllllllllly horny.
this is part 2:

so he admitted he is horny and high.
made a shit ton of sense.
these are the messages:

if it was legit,
it would have turned me tf off.
i love you“?
i would have been rolling my eyes HARD.
the homophobic jackal was CRAZY desperate.
i was getting slight psychopath.
it came off more pathetic than sexy.
i don’t know why people talk like they ain’t never had sex before.

i would have enjoyed that entire moment tho.
again: it proves homophobic bullies want a piece but have a weird way of showing it.
i wouldn’t have let him smash tho.
it leads me to a question for the foxhole…
if someone from your past treated you like shit,
but hit you up begging to fuck…

Would you?

lowkey: at least trashpuss asked for the homophobic jackal not to be outed…

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “when the homophobic bully comes back around to pee on his face”

  1. That sounds weird I wouldn’t even play those types of games. His ass trying to show off for social media he better send that guys info to a friend before they link. This was cringeworthy for me

  2. That’s some weird ass shit there! I believe most brothers would have let him have it! And not in a good way. It’s so true, those that are most homophobic have inner issues they’re struggling with.

  3. Oh wow. This definitely gave me “after highschool” memories. After graduating high school it was so interesting how certain people wanted to “catch up” with me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Love it. That being said I hope homeboy is careful and cautious. The way this world is set up along with the people that live in it it’s best to follow your brain and not your hormones.

  4. I saw my middle school bully on Jack’d. I have him blocked. If he was on here, there’d be at least 20 comments. He’s the Instagram MCM type. I have thought about getting revenge sex but I don’t want to disrespect that boy who went crying home because of him and got beat up in front of his younger siblings.
    We don’t reward bad behavior. This is why I cringe when people uplift “allies” for the BARE MINIMUM. People are SUPPOSED to be decent but we want to invite people to the cookout just for saying colorism or the n-word or whatever hot words they stole searching through Black Twitter.

    Anyway, I know I deserve better. Stockholm Syndrome has many of us wanting the guy who bullied us to “show him we’re worthy”. But we don’t need to. We can show we’re worthy by helping the young ones coming up figuring it out, being kind and living our best lives!

  5. This was not only sad. But it’s stupid. It’s stupid and it’s childish (In my Gloria Matthews voice). He could’ve kept this or hung up the damn phone. It’s not that deep.

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