i am the (un) plug

everyone needs a break from time to time.
this is why the word “vacation” makes people feel all tingly inside.
in this panorama world,
for some,
traveling for vacation is out of the question.
no cap,
i’ve been thinking of doing a staycation in the city but money has been a little tight.
i’ve been feeling beat.
the news and social media has been a little too much tbh.

I needed a break or I was gonna have a breakdown

so i did it…

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settings > edit profile > “take a break” > sure? > bye

a break or a mental vacationis what i use to call it.
it’s needed when we need to get our mentals back in order.
you will be surprised to know much taking a break can literally reset your chakras.
we live in two worlds currently.


at times,
they can blend into each other and cause confusion.
we get addicted to the likes and the dopamine hits of temporary attention.
it is a bleak world to be living in.
i felt like that yesterday

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Pump “The Break”


“i needed a break from you”

this is what work wolf told me yesterday.
well today…
you get the point!
so when i was getting ready to leave to work…
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So Trey Songz Out Here Breakin Up Cellphones and Callin’ Angel’s “B*tches”?

you know i like trey songz.
i have said plenty of times he has a special place reserved in my foxhole.
lately trey songz been in these streets ackin up.
first he done flipped on whoever this was ( x grabbing his stuff ),
and now he is allegedly breakin’ up his angel’s cell phones?
what in the world?
well according to this run down on bossip from a former angel…
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this week has been a tough week for me…
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The Typing Makes Me Sound Busy Indeed!

today has been a pretty busy day,
but a really late start.
i didn’t go to bed until 6am….
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