The Typing Makes Me Sound Busy Indeed!

today has been a pretty busy day,
but a really late start.
i didn’t go to bed until 6am….
i couldn’t sleep,
had a lot on my mind,
and decided to just stay up watching movies and cartoons.
such a rebellious one am i!
today i woke up at like 2pm but was tired as hell.
i spent the day sending my resume out,
tailoring it to various jobs,
and listening to music.
unemployment ends at the end of the year so chop chop.
right now im taking a break from filling out for jobs,
sipping on some wine,
and partially watching wolverine 2.
i’m currently on this:

Indeed-Partnerswhy didn’t anyone tell me that ( x ) can send you emails about new jobs?
there is even an app for your phone ( x iphone or x android ) to keep you updated.
double ugh.
does anyone else HATE filling out applications?
some of the shit is long and so tedious.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-8568-1360271987-0the time it takes to fill out the application,
they should at leastgive you a damn job.
i’m about to make a app cheat sheet in microsoft word.
its going to be a list all the jobs ive worked at,
the addresses,
and numbers so i can do a nice copy/paste and be done with it.
i wonder if i can assign safari to do auto complete as well?
 updates periodically as the night goes on.

lowkey: i wonder if i should fill out for the jobs today,
or should i do it sunday night?
how many other people will submit applications today for HR monday morning,
all while burying me in within the pile?

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “The Typing Makes Me Sound Busy Indeed!”

  1. I hate filling out job applications too.The process for getting a job is so irritating.I wish they’d get rid of the interview portion, and just judge you by how well you do the job.There’s no need for all that extra.America always has to do shit the hard way though.

    1. ^YA HEARD MEH!!!!!
      they are so odee with this job shit.
      then will either:

      send you a message telling you they gave the position to someone else
      come in to an interview and then waste your time being bastards.

      i hate them.

  2. I’m pulling for you to find something before the deadline man. This might sound old and tired at this point, but keep hope alive that an opportunity will come soon.

  3. I might be quitting my job because they give me is call in schedules aka no work and I don’t have time to be not working because I need to have my money. So I don’t see what is the point of staying there when they don’t need me or can’t afford me.

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