Paul George Can’t Be A Father (Way Too Busy Apparently)

paulgeorgeratchetpaul george has gotten so ratchet.
i love him.
so in the latest saga of “paul george: turn down 4 what?”,
his baby mama claims that he is “too busy to be a father”.
you read that right.
he’s booked!
*kelly price voice*
i’m confused tho…
as i’m sure the rest of the world.
the new york daily news has why…
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The Typing Makes Me Sound Busy Indeed!

today has been a pretty busy day,
but a really late start.
i didn’t go to bed until 6am….
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A Couple Goodies From My Stash

Hey fellas!

Working on something for the future.
Of course,
I am absolutely frustrated,
but I’m sure this headache I’m getting from this will be worth it one day!

 I’ll be back tomorrow.
Enjoy some of these past goodies and enjoy your Sunday…

The Foxy Rules Of Getting A Sponsored Lifestyle

There Is A Cure For HIV (Raw Sex Full Tilt Boogie)

A Day In The Life of Number 88

Oh and Vernon Davis,
you look good and all,
but explain to me this…

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Why don’t you catch up on some of my good stuff below?

Busy Day

Work has me swamped.
Posting resumes tomorrow Foxes and Wolves.


This Is Dedicated To 1 of My Wolves…

He took time out of his busy schedule to read this…

He knows who he is…

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