A Couple Goodies From My Stash

Hey fellas!

Working on something for the future.
Of course,
I am absolutely frustrated,
but I’m sure this headache I’m getting from this will be worth it one day!

 I’ll be back tomorrow.
Enjoy some of these past goodies and enjoy your Sunday…

The Foxy Rules Of Getting A Sponsored Lifestyle

There Is A Cure For HIV (Raw Sex Full Tilt Boogie)

A Day In The Life of Number 88

Oh and Vernon Davis,
you look good and all,
but explain to me this…

why are your lips so ashy baby?
thumbs up on those pecs

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “A Couple Goodies From My Stash”

    1. Yea he does, but maybe he has been……LOL. Vernon is sexy as hell, he could blow me any day, and he’s looks like he would be good in the bed too.

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