settings > edit profile > “take a break” > sure? > bye

a break or a mental vacationis what i use to call it.
it’s needed when we need to get our mentals back in order.
you will be surprised to know much taking a break can literally reset your chakras.
we live in two worlds currently.


at times,
they can blend into each other and cause confusion.
we get addicted to the likes and the dopamine hits of temporary attention.
it is a bleak world to be living in.
i felt like that yesterday

i’ve been feeling really needy.
there has this desired craving for being wanted.
from past associates,
i was looking at them for validation,
but i realized i was on the outside looking in.
there was a wolf i really wanted,
but i learned he isn’t showing me the type of time i’m looking for.
i’m not chasing any wolf who hasn’t shown me to pass go.
a facebook group i was in has split up and i got excluded.
i was doing all these OD things for acceptance from everyone,
but i ended feeling emotionally drained.

I went ghost.

every one of my personal “medias” got deactivated.
it’s interesting to me that i get emotionally fed from the foxhole,
but i’m starving from people in my real life.
nah homie.
it’s not even a “i want them to miss me” type of wave i’m on either.

They don’t GAF about me so there is nothing to miss.

i’m going to work on my own shit and get more productive.
i fell off on things i need to work on.
i’ll give it 2 weeks as i sort my life out.
social media breaks are needed when we start feeling empty because of it.
i’ll still be on ijf,
but i’m exhausted with my personal world.
my fault really.
i expected too much from folks who have no expectations for me.
i’ll do better going forward.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “settings > edit profile > “take a break” > sure? > bye”

  1. You’re not alone in feeling like this! I’m 39, same-gender loving, tall, slim, handsome, hiv+, celibate, and SINGLE AF! I have been single for over 10 years. I have taken the 10+ years to really get to know myself and try to shed those things about me that attracts trash ass men. There are several guys that want to “date” me right now, and a few that are trying to come back in, but I’m on a different wave. I know the higher power that rules over me will continue to give me the grace to hold out for that energy that’s truly best for me. In the meantime, I too have sought after validation from certain distractions such as social media, and I too have learned to take MUCH needed breaks when I’m feeling overwhelmed by the need to respond, post, and be present. Unplugging periodically is essential to maintaining our minds and emotions. I’m with you bro!

  2. Listen, I have been retreating for the last week and a half. It just got to be so much to handle for a moment. Being a purveyor of so many moving parts in social media can drain the life out of you. Rest couldn’t have come sooner. I feel you.

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