settings > edit profile > “take a break” > sure? > bye

a break or a mental vacationis what i use to call it.
it’s needed when we need to get our mentals back in order.
you will be surprised to know much taking a break can literally reset your chakras.
we live in two worlds currently.


at times,
they can blend into each other and cause confusion.
we get addicted to the likes and the dopamine hits of temporary attention.
it is a bleak world to be living in.
i felt like that yesterday

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My (Mental) Vacation Demands Light Packing

111547-Cabin-In-The-Woodsas i lay in bed in my stomach ailing stupor last night,
i was able to do a lot of thinking.
when you can’t sleep,
and you’re in tremendous pain,
it produces a lot of much needed “me” time.
i have been thinking of a mental vacation for awhile now…
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