“the undoing” has been living in my head rent-free and i’m shooketh

i cannot stop thinking about “the undoing” on hbo max.
it has literally been living rent-free in my head since i watched it last week.
that’s the type of tv programming that i like.
i love shit that fucks with my head.
the thing about the show is…

i mean,

I can’t even say what it’s about because it literally gives the plot away.

it’s one of those types of productions that you gotta watch.
even though the end was kinda anti-climatic,
i was hoping it ended with a double homicide to really drive the point home.

i guess i can give away that the main point of the show is npd,
which stayed for “narcissistic personality disorder“.
It’s kinda like the plot of my favorite movie,
gone girl“.

i’m always fascinated with the minds of these kinds of people.
we don’t even realize people we have encountered are heavy narcs or socio/psychopaths.

That ex that had no empathy when they broke up with you and lied on your character…

you think you met someone of your dreams,
but they will play a role “until“.
imagine being married and finding out your husband had many secrets?
secret kids.
secret relationships.
secret murders.

the type of secrets that will destroy your trust in others going forward.

one place you see narcs in action is on social media.
we can be whoever we please on social media.
big personalities on socials are usually a big clue.
i’ve met a few who present themselves as these great folks on their ig,
but behind the scenes,
they are absolutely disgusting to people around them.
the sad part is,
these types of folks will play a role even after they’re caught.
they weren’t taught to admit when they’re wrong.
you trying to shine a light on their fucked up reputations won’t do any good either.
they will destroy you before they are ever outed to the public.

it can be hard to spot folks like this at first,
but i feel there are many red flags we fail to see.
we tend to have our “a-ha” moments after we leave them.
the crazy part is…

They never leave us.

they will stick around until they find a new supply.
they’ll still hover around you even if they’re in a new relationship/friendships/marriage.
you are pretty much stuck with them unless you block and go ghost.
i wouldn’t wish a narc or a socio/psychopath on my worst enemy.

lowkey: sometimes,
the scariest monsters aren’t the boogeyman or aliens.
it tends to be other people.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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