Weekend Getaway, Pt I

I am a VERY complex Fox.

I will not deny the contridictary undertones Jamari Fox makes.
I wouldn’t have you guys so hooked on my phonics if I wasn’t.

Some days I feel like gettin’ a nut; some days I don’t.

A Fox does go through things where I may feel the need to get deep.
Not everytime I want IT in me deep.

Do I give off such a sexual aura
that dudes are only interested in fuckin’ me?

This is a 2 parter… 

True story also.

Here is what happened…

Two weekends ago, I took a nice and spontaneous weekend getaway.
I was feeling a little suffocated in the Concrete Forest.
My friend paid for me come down south to spend the weekend with him.
I didn’t even hesitate.
I was on the next plane out….
I hadn’t seen my friend in a couple years  and ballin’ was in his budget so I said, “why not?”

That Saturday night,
he had a small get together at his crib.
Food, drinks, and a lot of games.

… then he walked in.
This fine dude (finer than the dudes who were already in there) that I had to have.
He was a little shorter than me, light skinned, and really really handsome.
He wasn’t fat but that “just right” combo.
He looked like a cute Spanish shawty.
I just peeped him and I knew I was going to have that someway, somehow.

He was pretty shy and kept to himself, but I caught him peepin’ me on the low. I knew it was ON because no one stares that long without being interested.

“Who is the dude?” I asked my friend.
“Oh that is Mixed.”
“Well, Mixed is fine. TOP or BOTTOM?”
“TOP from what I know.”
“You talking to him?”
“Nope. Go right on in.”


So after that, we started playing a nice game of Truth or Dare.
Let’s just say my friend and I worked together on that one.

“Jamari, dare or double dare.” my friend asked
“Double dare,” I was feeling daring.
“I dare you…. and… Mixed to kiss for 1 minute. Not just ANY kiss. Third date kind of kiss.”

Let’s just say we kissed so intimately that everyone in the room got riled up.
I mean if the room was cold, we would have set that muthafucka on fire.
I had some of the other dude’s checking for me after that kiss.

After that, we sat next to each other and did a lot of flirting.
That flirting went to touching and deep stares.
We were in our own worlds.
I forgot we were even playing a game.

It got to be like 3am
and my friend went to escort the last of the guests outside.

When everyone left the room, that was our que.
We were all over each other.
He threw me down on the floor and started deep kissin’ the shit outta me.
Not only that,
but he was pounding me with our clothes on.

Blame it on the ah-ah-ah-alcohol.

His stroke game was serious, I will not lie.
He was flippin’ me into all kinds of positions.
At one point, I was on my neck and knees where by ears.
I guess he was giving me a preview of our porno.
He would grind himself into me and look deep in my eyes.
Then he would arch himself up and do this stroke that drove me crazy.
Even though we were wearing clothes, I could feel that dick through his jeans.

Felt like a good 8 inch.

“I know you like me.” He said in my ear, grinding on me.
“How you know?” I replied, biting my lip.
“This.” as he proceeded to grab my already hard dick.

He suddenly stuck his hands in my jeans and was getting ready to finger me.
I had to stop him because I didn’t know I was going to be the ho of the night.
Which equals, “I didn’t prepare my ass for a guest.”

My friend busted us and all he could do was shake his head.
My friend never saw me get that loose before.
Jamari keeps it pretty cool style… until I get drunk and then I’m Trey Songz/R.Kelly/and Trina.

We exchanged numbers and he left.

I was in lust heaven and was going to let him break my back before I left.
I wasn’t going to already disrespect my friend’s spot by fuckin’ in there.

Even though my body was craving for Mixed all up in my guts…

The second part is coming up after the break!

12 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway, Pt I

  1. damn…this is what’s up. You deserve some fun and I’m glad you kept it classy and didnt do the deed knowing you wasnt prepared. Did you get his number at least? Any chance for a second inning? I’m living vicariously through this post as you can tell…

  2. YngBlkWolf :I know I’m not the only one who got a little turned on reading this…

    I second that. Said it before, you have a gift for this, Jamari. You set a tone, create a mood, make us laugh and get us feelin’ a bit hornier:)

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