We Are About To Get Sued!

tumblr_mnw3acnA1p1rd1fmuo1_500well we are all headed to court because we gonna be sued.
well for being gay/bi/tri
thats why!
an f-bi sent me this story from complex.
i screamed at work…
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T.I. Is Pissed Off You Don’t Like Iggy Azalea

iggy-ti-1t.i. is mad,
i tell ya!

shit not even mad.
i guess he has every right to be.
not a lot of people are feeling “the great white hype”,
iggy azalea.
he ranted in the latest complex magazine about it…
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He Likes To Dress, Plays In The NBA, and May Get Down. Guess Who?

take this one with a grain of salt.


guess which nba baller wolf is allegedly playing for both teams?
he was outed by his ex girlfriend today

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mental homework: (15)

skin color.
one of the biggest taboos in every lifestyle.
one that is better left unspoken:

who knew when i wrote this entry:

You’re Dark Skinned So I’m Not Even Interested In You.

it would lead to such a great discussion.
i love when everyone comes together and shares their stories.
i was blown away by all the comments in that entry,
all the various experiences and opinions,
but tajan and sanity comments really got me…

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Weekend Getaway, Pt I

I am a VERY complex Fox.

I will not deny the contridictary undertones Jamari Fox makes.
I wouldn’t have you guys so hooked on my phonics if I wasn’t.

Some days I feel like gettin’ a nut; some days I don’t.

A Fox does go through things where I may feel the need to get deep.
Not everytime I want IT in me deep.

Do I give off such a sexual aura
that dudes are only interested in fuckin’ me?

This is a 2 parter… 

True story also.

Here is what happened…

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