He Likes To Dress, Plays In The NBA, and May Get Down. Guess Who?

take this one with a grain of salt.


guess which nba baller wolf is allegedly playing for both teams?
he was outed by his ex girlfriend today


According to our source, Westbrook and his boyfriend recently upped their boy-bond to the next level after spending extensive time together at this year’s Houston All Star event. That’s the situation we’re told led Westbrook’s ex-beard to become jealous, sparking her to dump the pro-basketball player.

Here’s what Russell Westbrook’s ex-beard had to say:

“I don’t know Russell’s boyfriend’s name, but they’re always together.
When we all stayed at the Four Seasons, his boyfriend’s room was on the same floor as his. My room was on a separate floor.

Russell used me as a beard, and part of my job was to get him and his boy Molly pills.”




personally i’m not believing it.
i need more proof than that flimsy ass quote.
check out the other pictures from russell’s complex shoot:

found @ complex

10 thoughts on “He Likes To Dress, Plays In The NBA, and May Get Down. Guess Who?

  1. It would explain his elaborate fashion choices.Id rather a dick pic leak cause his body is CRAZY & his ass is superb

    1. Who are you lol? I knew you would come and drop knowledge on us. The people love him. He would be the perfect athlete to come out, and he’s a superstar too. If he’s down, I never would have guessed.

  2. When I scrolled down and saw the pic, I jumped back from my phone lol. Shocked.

    Next to Paul this is my man. I’ve loved this dude since he first stepped on the scene. I hope this isn’t true. Russell better not be poppin no Mollies lol. As for the bisexual thing I do not know what’s up with that. I do know he has a girlfriend named Nina ever since college. If he’s down I would cuff him. As far as I know he’s a good dude, and he is handsome as well. He just takes way too many jump shots for me lol.

  3. Westbrook would be the perfect pro athlete to come out, because he gives zero fucks about what anyone thinks of him.

  4. He’s so cute! And this story is faker than Kim K’s pregnancy…
    How are you the beard and you don’t the name of the boyfriend if Westbrook and him are always together???

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