He Likes To Dress, Plays In The NBA, and May Get Down. Guess Who?

take this one with a grain of salt.


guess which nba baller wolf is allegedly playing for both teams?
he was outed by his ex girlfriend today

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f0xmail: I See The Warmth In Their Eyes. Do They Both Want My Butt Cheeks?


You know I have to come to you for advice, you always help me out and you’re like a friend in my head, but here is the situation, so of course you know that I’m College right now, and there is this guy that I think is so adorable and sexy, now we have a mutual relationship. he is a cool guy, and I actually told him about the relationship I just got out of with my ex-boyfriend that I told you about…

see here
see here 2

… that didn’t go so well.

Well he told me he already knew , even before that my relationship was bad, could be from seeing things on facebook and wanted me to get out of the relationship because it wasn’t good for me. so recently I spoke about getting a paw print on my leg and told him if he thought that would be to much, he said no wouldn’t he has a friend that I actually kind of know who is a tranney, and supposedly he knows everyone else in the lifestyle that are very out there. but here is the catch, he said that he is not gay, and that he always has to remind his gay friend that if they were to touch him he would be uncomfortable and probably would throw hands at them. So after the fact he gave me his number and said that we can hang out whenever, he doesn’t mind that like at a bar but he works three jobs. but so my question to you jamari, is do you think he is gay.

Second Guy
There is also another guy when I am at school, he always goes out of his way to say hello to me, I find him quite charming, he has a child, light skin, green eyes, very muscular, and he is sexy. one day I told someone close to me if they could ask if he is gay, he told them know, so ┬álost all hope and everytime he is at my job he looks at women, you can tell he is a playa, lady’s man or so what have you, but however he always seems to focus his attention on me sometimes which I find kind of odd, he is very masculine but has this warm, charming side to him, he is really cool to me. but what I would like to ask you is what do you think about these two are they suspect or you don’t think he is.


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