How To F*ck Like A Hype Whore and Not Give A F*ck

Isn’t the thrill the most exciting part of the game?

Imagine wanting something so bad that you can literally taste it.
You go to bed thinking about it and rise thinking about it.
You even see reminders of it throughout your day.
You ever had that happen?
The name or thing looks enhanced until you get it.
And when you do and you fulfill that desire… you are kinda over it.

Are we just wrapped up in the hype of the unknown?

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Who Want It? (Mario Kart Edition)

Let’s take it to a lighthearted post…

You see this game here?
Ima get a little cocky right now.

and I repeat…
NO ONE can see me in this game.

I am the almighty…
Shit, eternal…

CHAMPION GOD FOX …. of Mario Kart…

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