How To F*ck Like A Hype Whore and Not Give A F*ck

Isn’t the thrill the most exciting part of the game?

Imagine wanting something so bad that you can literally taste it.
You go to bed thinking about it and rise thinking about it.
You even see reminders of it throughout your day.
You ever had that happen?
The name or thing looks enhanced until you get it.
And when you do and you fulfill that desire… you are kinda over it.

Are we just wrapped up in the hype of the unknown?

I think I have an issue.
Something that I am not proud of, but I will admit it anyway.


Yes, I said it.
You can lead me away to a corner for a couple of hours.
Even put a hat with that label on it so everyone can see.
If you don’t know what I am talking about, I will explain it to you.

A HYPE WHORE: someone who usually lusts after hype of something,
but once you get it and play with it for a while,

you get bored and move onto the next.

I am that type of Fox.
I think it happened when I was younger because I usually got what I wanted.
I would obsess over a toy and everyone else had.
My parents would get it for me and in a week, it was in the toy chest.
Even with my Nintendo Wii.
I wanted a Wii sooooooooooooooooooooo bad!
Got it and now it is collecting dust in my cabinet.
I’m on that XBox360 jump off and funny enough, that keeps my full attention.

Funny, this also happens when it comes to Wolves.
I may see myself with a Wolf and enjoy the fantasy of what it would be like.
I could vividly picture him sexing me or anything they spoke about in The Secret.
But, I know that when I get the pipe, then I am over it.
That is, until I want it again.
Even if I do something subtle sexual with a Wolf, I am pretty much over them.
I’ll give them a “thanks for the sex!” thank you card and a boot print out the door.

I am scared I may do this to someone I really like…

Is something wrong with me?
Am I alone out there?
It’s like I have a Wolf-State-of-Mind because I need to be entertained or I get bored QUICK.
Or, if something better comes along, I will be off to the next.
I can move on really fast because I know there is something better out there.
This type of mindset definitely has its pros and cons.

I started to think about falling for the hype…
I like things that are nice and shiny.
I avoid what everyone is lusting over until it has lost it’s luster, and then I jump on it.
Is this a healthy mind-set?
Are we doomed to a life of looking for the next best thing?
I can admit that I have always wanted more for myself, especially when it comes to Wolves.
Usually if it comes way to easy then I am over it way to fast.
If I was to get Devin Thomas or any of the Baller Wolves I fantasize about tomorrow,
would I just want to fuck him… and then drop him like a hot potato?
What about you?
Do you fall fast, or do you fall out of it faster?
Will you stop when you get that ridiculous…
out of this world…
One In A Million“/”Crazy In Lovelove?
Or, we just doomed to a life of being hype whores?

I had to wonder with this kind of mindset…

Is everything (or everyone) just something to be conquered?

2 thoughts on “How To F*ck Like A Hype Whore and Not Give A F*ck

  1. Im in the same boat I get bored rather quickly with everything. But I believe that when the one comes around who you’ve secretly dreamed for….and not visually but through your heart…you’ll manage to stay put depending on whether both are willing to continue to do the things in the beginning of the relationship throughout the relationship.

  2. It depends on the person. When I get involved with someone, they are obviously special to me. I feel that if a person is special to you, you won’t ever kick them to the side. Everybody that we get involved with is not a keeper, it’s just that simple.

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