and just like that, we got samantha jones

all sarah jessica parker had to do was not feel threatened.
all she had to do was learn to share the spotlight.
samantha jones” is an iconic character in sex and the city.
even with the sabotaging storylines of the character,
and being really nasty to the actress bts,
kim cattrall still showed up and played her to perfection.

after many text messages to carrie bradshaw on the reboot,
“and just like that”,
samantha made her long-awaited debut for the season 2 finale…

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and just like that, an iconic character makes one last spin around the block

aside from kim cattrall’s ( x beef with ) sarah jessica parker,
and feeling like sex and the city ( x ran its course ),
this is another alleged reason that kim was done with samantha jones.
via ( x body and soul ):

“…the plot that involved Miranda’s son, Brady, Samantha and a bunch of nudes. According to the reports, the SATC 3 script included a plot line that centred on Brady’s exploration of masturbation and sexting as a 15-year-old, whereby he ended up sending nudes to Samantha.

Understandably, Cattrall apparently found the storyline to be disrespectful to Samantha as a character and it was why she refused to sign on to the film.”

so they were trying to make samantha a pedo?
i would’ve told them to go fuck themselves for trying to ruin my character.
they really hated how popular and iconic samantha was.
it bees like that,
after all the “big nopes!” that kim said about returning to the spinoff,
and just like that“,
it seems she has changed her mind because…

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i remember seeing the following wolf in this scene:


turned me on so crazy.
i would have smashed that night too.
would you…?

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How To F*ck Like A Hype Whore and Not Give A F*ck

Isn’t the thrill the most exciting part of the game?

Imagine wanting something so bad that you can literally taste it.
You go to bed thinking about it and rise thinking about it.
You even see reminders of it throughout your day.
You ever had that happen?
The name or thing looks enhanced until you get it.
And when you do and you fulfill that desire… you are kinda over it.

Are we just wrapped up in the hype of the unknown?

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Who knows? He’s a Wolf….

You could lay your cakes on a table right in front of one and still not know what he’s thinking. – Samantha Jones, SATC.

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“You Are So Raunchy!!”

“Fuck me badly once, shame on you.

Fuck me badly twice, shame on me.” – SJ.

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