and just like that, an iconic character makes one last spin around the block

aside from kim cattrall’s ( x beef with ) sarah jessica parker,
and feeling like sex and the city ( x ran its course ),
this is another alleged reason that kim was done with samantha jones.
via ( x body and soul ):

“…the plot that involved Miranda’s son, Brady, Samantha and a bunch of nudes. According to the reports, the SATC 3 script included a plot line that centred on Brady’s exploration of masturbation and sexting as a 15-year-old, whereby he ended up sending nudes to Samantha.

Understandably, Cattrall apparently found the storyline to be disrespectful to Samantha as a character and it was why she refused to sign on to the film.”

so they were trying to make samantha a pedo?
i would’ve told them to go fuck themselves for trying to ruin my character.
they really hated how popular and iconic samantha was.
it bees like that,
after all the “big nopes!” that kim said about returning to the spinoff,
and just like that“,
it seems she has changed her mind because…

For one night only, the “Sex and the City” universe will be whole again. Variety has learned that Kim Cattrall will reprise her iconic role as Samantha Jones in the Season 2 finale of “And Just Like That,” Max’s revival of HBO’s “Sex and the City.”

But she will only appear in one scene. According to sources, Cattrall shot her dialogue on March 22 in New York City, without seeing or speaking with the stars of the series, including Sarah Jessica Parker, or with “And Just Like That” showrunner Michael Patrick King.

Famed “Sex and the City” costume designer Patricia Field, who has not been working on “And Just Like That,” dressed Samantha for her scene.

you know it’s bad when a big deal asks you to return:

Casey Bloys, the chairman and CEO of HBO and Max content, approached Cattrall about putting her stilettos back on as Samantha, which led to her decision to say yes.”

so she only came back because the ceo asked her,
she got to do it on her own terms,
she didn’t have to see or speak to the others,
and she got big money to do it?
that sounds like something right out of the “samantha jones” playbook.

i would have done it if the ceo asked me.
he is gay so he knows.
anyone else on that cast and crew would have gotten paid dust.
this just goes to show:

Even hanging in a closet,
Samantha Jones continues to never be out of style.

regardless of the spinoff not having a place for her anymore,
she is still a fan favorite and part of the original cast.
they did kim wrong but i like that she understands her power.
why not come back and throw your weight around a little bit?

more people need to realize their power once they are done wrong.
i’ll allow it.

lowkey: the spinoff is good.
i liked they tackled aging and what that looks like.

it was the woke nonsense and that character of che that drove me crazy.
i dig the new characters,
especially the black ones tho.

it seems like they listened to all the complaints.
the second season looks promising.

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  1. I’m excited about the new season and I also hate the Che character. I’m in the minority, but I don’t even need Samantha. Flesh out the new women and let’s continue to see the remaining originals get on with (fantasy) life. The show is escapism for me…

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