they didn’t realize what they had until they became part of your past

they always say what happened in the past should stay there.
i believe something different.
unless you came from abuse and trauma,
you want to deadlock that door and move away completely.

What about situations where you fell out with someone and they come back?

i have a lot of people who realize how great i was once we fall out.

many people,
if they can find me,
end up hitting me up to rekindle what we had.
i just had someone who came back like 3 weeks ago.
i still haven’t called them to catch up.

i’m pretty knowledgeable on this subject so these are my thoughts…

Depending on the situation,
I’m always down for a conversation.

there are some i will never speak to again and this includes family.
i never turn down anyone who wants to have a conversation with me tho,
especially if i feel how we ended was petty.
i’ll hear you out but if i feel like nothing has changed,
or they don’t apologize for their part in their end,
we will probably never speak again.

Especially how I see things now after therapy.

you can tell when someone is genuinely sorry for how they treated you.
what they need to understand is:

It will never be the same.

you will always be hesitant about getting too close again.
my re-work of the old saying is:

Fool me once; shame on you.
Fool me twice; shame on me.
Fool me three times; I’m an idiot.

i’ve learned in life that in the future,
people realize they make mistakes.
we have done it so why not give the same grace to others?
when we are pining over some male we hurt in the past,
we’d want him to hear us out.
who many of us were back then isn’t the same today.

Life has a way of teaching us we don’t know what we had when it’s gone.


so when dealing with the past,
you can either let it stay there or give it a sequel.
don’t make the same mistakes you made with them in the past.

always set up boundaries and throw your weight around a little bit.
you are the main draw and life has been doing you good without them.
they probably know that anyway.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “they didn’t realize what they had until they became part of your past”

  1. Be careful JAMARI
    When I gave another chance, I have always regreted it.

    1. ^thats why i keep folks from the past at a nice distance with boundaries.
      it’ll never be the same.
      they don’t get the same me twice

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