the gays want to hire demarkco fleming to upholster their walls

that would have been my face talking to demarkco fleming.
he had that poor twinkie fox stun locked after his introduction.
so twinkie fox had an interview with the newest gay sex icon,
demarkco fleming.
the interview got wild crazy hence twinkie fox’s face…

( x see it here if ^tweet doesn’t work )

“excuse me?
who are you talking to?”.
my response but i got a smart-ass mouf so…

after watching this interview,
many of the gays want demarko fleming.
he is the ideal lover who came to life.
they have sent out f-bi to find his socials by the end of pride.
i’m here to font you:

I’d never have sex with that wolf slayer.

i can tell sex with him would not be enjoyable.
he probably wouldn’t care about your safe word.
there is aggression and then there is domination.
he gets off on domination,
and having you in pain.

“Daddy Demarkco!
I need help!
I’m sore.
Give me some Tylenol.”

it’s giving jail rape energy.
that kind of sex is great with my manz during a makeup sesh.
i like to be punished when i’m bad.
a pineapple off the streets talking crazy like that?
i’m good.
when ya’ll find demarko,
lemme know if i’m right after that torture pounding he gives you.

lowkey: some of us don’t like all that unnecessary pounding in porn.
from his energy,
he will give you that.
there are some who want that and thats totally fine.

6 thoughts on “the gays want to hire demarkco fleming to upholster their walls

  1. I saw this funny video and had to follow DeMarkco. Twink looked like his cream filling was going to squirt out after that conv He actually looks like a fun guy. And don’t be surprised if he bottoms. The bigger they come the harder they fall lol.

  2. This ” Hyper Masculinity ” Dominating impersonation!!!!!……. is why……

    There are so many lonely gays

    Many gays take risk and become victims

    [ No need to explain these statements. You get it or you don’t ]

  3. No offense but he’s ugly af. I wouldn’t give his raggedy ass the time of day 🤣 Not him trying to get a kiss, just eww 😷

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