and just like that, we got samantha jones

all sarah jessica parker had to do was not feel threatened.
all she had to do was learn to share the spotlight.
samantha jones” is an iconic character in sex and the city.
even with the sabotaging storylines of the character,
and being really nasty to the actress bts,
kim cattrall still showed up and played her to perfection.

after many text messages to carrie bradshaw on the reboot,
“and just like that”,
samantha made her long-awaited debut for the season 2 finale…

even in that half a minute clip,
samantha jones is still “that bitch“.

I know it must sting the main cast to know that the only reason people watched was for Samantha.

this is the thing with “the idiots” as i call them.
they allow their nonsense to ruin a good thing.
even though the show’s direction doesn’t need her,
samantha is still part of the main cast.
she will always be the main draw.
i don’t think she could carry her own show,
but she definitely helped balance out the other gals.
if the ratings are through the roof compared to the other episodes…

they are probably gonna have to pay her 20 million for next season.

lowkey: i feel like her debut was underwhelming.
she should have come on to help lift carrie up after aiden’s nonsense.
i think that would really solidify even more why samantha is missed.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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