Premium Meat of my Minute: Tristan Thompson

I have a thing for the whole Wolf.
I like his arms, legs, and chest, and overall body.
I like him as a whole PERIOD.

But I have a bigger thing for lips.
Lips remind me of kissing… and riding faces.
And I like to hold on tight to the headboard or wherever while I am riding a Wolf’s mouth.

Here is a Wolf/Hybrid that I want on those lips….

Everyone meet Tristan Trevor James Thompson.
He is 6’9″ and weighs 225 pounds. Thompson plays as a power forward. He was selected by the Cleveland Cavalier.
And he is Jamacian too.

And again,



I’ll add these next pair of mouth riders as honorable mention…

… but I’ll ride him later.


Stay tuned.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Premium Meat of my Minute: Tristan Thompson”

  1. Damn he’s a sexy and he got a nice smile. That’s the thing about sports, it’s so many niggas for me to look at. I like football and basketball, but I can’t help but look at the niggas. Just the other day I was watching the Kings play against the Lakers, I seen this cute,fine ass nigga who plays for the Kings. Right then and there, I got up from the game, and got on my computer to find out who he his. I’m just gonna say this, Jason Thompson is Fine as shit. I spent half the day yesterday looking at youbube videos with him in it. LOL

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