I Don’t Want No Black Doctor

i’ve heard some stories of wanting a doctor more qualified.
that’s fine.
i like more seasoned individuals than newbies.
well does the color of their fur matter?
well it did for this one snow she-hyena at the doctor’s office.
she put up an entire scene about it.
this is what an f-bi sent me via the new york daily news
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Premium Meat of my Minute: Tristan Thompson

I have a thing for the whole Wolf.
I like his arms, legs, and chest, and overall body.
I like him as a whole PERIOD.

But I have a bigger thing for lips.
Lips remind me of kissing… and riding faces.
And I like to hold on tight to the headboard or wherever while I am riding a Wolf’s mouth.

Here is a Wolf/Hybrid that I want on those lips….

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