Remember When Your Joystick Was Really Big?

star-wars-abandoned-arcade-machine-photography-by-thomas-schultz-8so when i get my money in order,
i’m either going to buy an xbox one or a ps4.
i’m still undecided on which system to get.
i had to post this throwback on tumblr.
we have definitely come a long way when it comes to joysticks
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How To F*ck Like A Hype Whore and Not Give A F*ck

Isn’t the thrill the most exciting part of the game?

Imagine wanting something so bad that you can literally taste it.
You go to bed thinking about it and rise thinking about it.
You even see reminders of it throughout your day.
You ever had that happen?
The name or thing looks enhanced until you get it.
And when you do and you fulfill that desire… you are kinda over it.

Are we just wrapped up in the hype of the unknown?

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I Like It When It Is HARD

I remember when I was younger
and I use to play Nintendo like it was going out of style…

The joys of seeing the ending credits of a video games.
My pre-teen dick would get bigger because
I whopped some dragon over his head and dropped him in some lava.
I would stay up for hours playing games just so I could beat them.
There was not one game that I could not beat.
You handed it to me and I would beat that shit in a couple days.
And when it came to games where I had to play with people?
That is when I showed my Foxy ass!!
I always accepted a challenge and never backed down from the thought of defeat.

Well a Wolf is a game that Foxes need to learn how to play.
Here is how…

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Who Want It? (Mario Kart Edition)

Let’s take it to a lighthearted post…

You see this game here?
Ima get a little cocky right now.

and I repeat…
NO ONE can see me in this game.

I am the almighty…
Shit, eternal…

CHAMPION GOD FOX …. of Mario Kart…

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Let’s Stay In Bed All Day

This is the type of day where I wish I stayed in bed.
Am I the only one, Foxes?
I did NOT feel like coming into work today.

This Tuesday is definitely HOOKY day….

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