Let’s Stay In Bed All Day

This is the type of day where I wish I stayed in bed.
Am I the only one, Foxes?
I did NOT feel like coming into work today.

This Tuesday is definitely HOOKY day….

Imagine this…

You call your boss to tell em you are sick,
or have a sick relative you need to take care of.
(Lying ass lol)

You lay up in bed,
playing Mario Kart Wii or whatever video game,
and just shootin the shit with Daddy.

You Daddy.

A day of hooky is not complete without your Wolf.

Food all over the room.
Covers all over the place.
The room is an absolute mess and we both love it.
Cell phones and other wireless devices OFF.
Your bed has now become an island for two.
The bedroom has now become an island retreat.
The bathroom is the spa.
Living the life of calling out of work luxury.

The only time you both get out is to pee or answer the front door for room service.

Hooky is the Fox way of pampering one self….
… not to mention mid afternoon romps underneath a burning florescent light…

….or maybe even no lights.

This is definitely the type of day to try out new positions….
New ways we can both make each other cum….HARD.

It is your world.
You are just a Fox tryna catch a nut….

… or maybe Daddys.

It is your call.
I don’t judge.

You will be so rested for the next day of work,
you will have a permanent smile on your face.



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Let’s Stay In Bed All Day”

  1. A day in bed more like switching up on the balcony. Wind blowing sheet pitch as a tent. Oooh flashback but ah those the days u need vacations for not jus one day. Got to SWEAT IT OUT!!!!!!!!

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