Too Legit, Small Dick

I was talking to a Fox the other day
who fucked a baller I have mentioned on here before…

…. and I am a little disappointed at what I was told.

So I met up with this particular Fox for lunch.
We met at an industry event and we hit it off.
We both exchanged info and that was that.

I don’t know how over the course of  chicken broccoli fettuccine and white wine we got into the topic of ballers….

…..but this particular baller came up.

Nice ass body
Godiva skin tone,
Pretty popular
and plays for a team in the North.

Definitely has been mentioned on my blog before.

they go into details….

“I mean, I had too. He was gorgeous. We met when he played football at his college in my hometown so he was pretty much new meat. We became friends and things were cool. Went chilled a few times. I mean I knew this dude when he was pretty much broke. He got so busy but we did manage to keep in contact….

…. well, when he got drafted because he was pretty much hyped up as the next big football star (he lived up to his expectations), he called and flew me out to his new state to hang and party. I immediately got a suitcase packed and was on the next plane. Well, after a night of partying, we ended up fucking. Let me tell you, his body is so beautiful and he is so handsome. I mean he is FINE AS SHIT BUT…..

I was so upset. A man looking like this and his dick is so damn small. He had an okay stroke but it kept slipping out. He was into fucking me but I was so…. un-fulfilled. I liked feeling his body on-top of me but his dick was just so disrespectful. We ended up losing touch but I was over it…”

I’m upset because Foxes, he is pretty fine.
I was really upset by that BUT he is still nice to look at.

This same Fox told me that alot of these football players do not have big dicks.
SOME have nice dicks while others, are lacking in all the right places.

I am not a size Fox myself.
I can do with a nice 8-9 inch because I do not like the wear and tear on my Velvet Walls.

Aaaah well.
We can’t have it all right?


I hope your pipe is just right.
I hope you do NOT have an infant dick in those cleats.
…. but I’ll make sure we work it out.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Too Legit, Small Dick”

  1. I can handle a small dick depending on how small it is. I fucked this stocky dude about 5″11, 200pounds recently my first time in about 5 months. His dick was about 6 juicy enough :). He had a nice stroke, I didnt want him to bust. lol. Something about him was so sexy, perhaps it was the confidence and his uber masculine personality. I want a follow-up but it was a one night kind of thing. I dont wanna be thirsty, he said he enjoyed it and I’ll leave it at that. I dont think I could handle a dick any smaller than 6 though. And I co-sign with Jamari, Im not for the monster cock all crazy. Dont wanna have no loose lips. lol

    1. Personally I can deal with 6″ – so long as he can keep it in me, he can keep it hard and he knows what he’s doing with what God gave him. What I can’t stand is needle dicks that slip out all the time and when they try to shove it back in they poke me like it’s effin’ acupuncture!! No sir!!!!!!!! That sh*t won’t fly.

  2. let me tell you ….. regardless of what the lipstick alley queens like to think…. average is the norm, it might seem small with the well defined body,muscle mass and other attributes …. example on T.I. Shaq’s “piece” would look huge but on him …. well 🙂

  3. Lol @ “so disrespectful.” That’s funny. Kept slippin out? How small was it exactly? I mean you can’t have it all. There’s bound to be something wrong with these men. I think i could manage a baller with a less-than-stellar penis. Especially if he’s talkin’ about gettin’ serious for the long term which is what i’d hope to get out of it.

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