Help! That Hyena Just Ran Off With My Wolf!

You are:

Too small.
Too big.
Too masculine.
Too feminine.
Too dark.
Too light.


If he/she can be hugged on up this Wolf hea:


Yeah, I said YOU.
Look, none of us are perfect.
We all have something about ourselves that is considered a flaw(s).
But I’ll be damned if I let you feel you aren’t good enough to meet someone.

These Wolves today can be:


… but we will hold them on a high pedastal,
while they tell US how we are suppose to be.

I am a catch.

I cook, clean, support my Wolf, keep the swagg on 100, and I am a freak.
I would never out someone and I take my privacy VERY seriously.
If one Wolf cannot see that within me; another one will.
One who I am sure will appreciate all this super good tite juicy stuff.
One who I am sure will put the cuffs on me and never let me go.
And I’m about ready to be cuffed because these Wolves today don’t know a good Fox if he stuck his cold nose in his butt…

So to all my Foxes out there in the game: HOLD ON.

He is coming.
A good one came for Star Fox and I know a GREAT one is coming for me.
.. and when he does for you,
he will not only curl your toes, but make you thankful why it took so long.

Got it?

So focus on making you better.
Making you strong and ready for what is to come.
You will need all your lessons for the new battle: love.


23 thoughts on “Help! That Hyena Just Ran Off With My Wolf!

  1. I’m learning real fast from the commentary on this blog. =D
    Jamari, you’re so smart… I have a BIG crush
    If only I was older (sigh)
    College Fox=FAIL already ! ugh

  2. UrSoVain :Hold on, I’ve seen a few wolves in capris lol. Its somewhat of the current style although it hasn’t caught on in many places. All the boys were cutting their True Religion jeans at the knees.

    Nope, can’t do it. I don’t like seeing dudes dressed like women anymore than I like seeing women in baggy jeans sagging w/cornrows. Call me old-fshioned, but ugh! If I have to do a gender check, I’ll pass…

    1. Hold on, I’ve seen a few wolves in capris lol. Its somewhat of the current style although it hasn’t caught on in many places. All the boys were cutting their True Religion jeans at the knees.

  3. That fox does have a body, though the dress & beard are a complete turn-off…moreso the beard than anything else *shrug*

    And the wolf is wearing capris, so…

  4. Yea I’ve been on the sites b4 and actually have a couple success stories. Had to put em down though bc I can’t work towards owning a Fortune 500 company, browsing BGC all day. I may give it another try but he’d have to find me. That searchin shit is not for me.

    By the way jamari slap yourself for thinkin that jean vest, capri pant wearing butch queen above is desirable. Fuckery is this?

    1. Nothing wrong with his body underneath lol

      I personally would be side eyein him if he came up to me in that fit, but what if he is a masculine Wolf, with eccentric taste when it comes to his wardrobe, and has a good heart and a dick made of pure Platinum Stroke?

      “Girlfriend” in the dress seems to think so…

  5. I’m going to keep the fact that i think her dress is cute to myself. She has a pretty body too. We can act like there aren’t plenty of wolves who are completely turned on by what she’s giving. But there are.

    We seem to pretty much be playing the waiting game. Doing other things to keep our minds busy hoping it makes time go by faster. We can’t force meeting him because that’s apparently the wrong thing to do. Keeping in mind that what we think he wants and needs isn’t always what he actually does want and need. Making yourself accessible is probably the best way to go. Online sites put you in front of a large audience. Going out to places where the men you’re interested in might lead away from the sexual talk. Going to the gym and making sure you look like what you think most men want might increase your chances of getting through the door. So we learn to be comfortable by ourselves and spew out nice phrases like “if you don’t love yourself then…” all the while not trying to get comfortable with the idea of being alone forever. But he is coming though.

    1. ^ any Fox who is paying for love has the game twisted.
      I know some who have but with me in their life, they realized they should bot be paying for a Wolf.

      and if you are going to be paying for a Wolf…. well I’ll leave that for the next entry

      1. I’m like ain’t sex the few things in this world that you should get free??? But you’d be surprised how manny have payed for it. What’s sadder some wolves expect to get payed

  6. LOL…Pics can be decieving…They might take turns dressing as the woman…The yellow dude looks buff as well…This was just his night to be the bitch…Trust me that Wayans brother lookin one looks just as crazy when he’s in the dress…To each his own tho…

  7. question; sidebar. we dog the sites out but are any of us with good sense, users of the bgc’s and a4a’s?

    1. ^that is a good question.
      every time i try to go on that site, something pulls me away.
      but i still want to give it another chance.

      i say go for it and try to make a profile that is as non sexual as possible.
      try not to entertain anything overly sexual and go from there.
      see if a Wolf will bite for your brains… rather than how good you give brain.

      the way I see it, yo control how the conversation will go.
      you are in control and he should be the passenger.
      so often than not, we like to drive the convo over to a sexual side.

      being a tease works somewhat
      because you bait him with your sexuality and then force him to take you seriously.
      he has no choice but to get trapped because he realized what a damn good catch you are.

    2. I agree with Jamari, but also try not to overdo it when you first join those sites. Don’t get on bgc or a4a everyday, all day. That’s just not a good look. You also.have to prepare for the superficiality. The reality is other guys can’t see how nice you are, how intelligent you are, or how well you carry yourself. They only see your body and your stats.

  8. I love this affirmation…a friend said;” When you feel like giving in remember the reason why you held out for so long”.

      1. I’m sorry but at that point just remove your balls get implants and change your name to Tameka cuz that is just not cute at all.

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