“they don’t like you because you’re ugly, gay, and possibly do drag.”

“A Girl” aka Not Like The Other Boys

that’s how i used to view myself.
anytime i got high,
that is the fox i saw in my mind.
i would associate myself with how they spoke of “bullers” in barbados.
( x what a buller is )

*These males that dl males crept into their backdoors secretly to fuck.
*The ones that would be ignored and shamed in public.
*Some dressed up in drag and were labeled crazy.

i was scared to be myself because this is how i felt i was viewed.
it made me super self-conscious and living in my head all the time.
“is this why many of them kept me as a secret?”
“why they didn’t want people to know we were friends/close?”
i’m sure it was true to some but that wasn’t the reality for all.
i asked myself a question while on my day off yesterday…

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“I Went To See My Wolf With Panties On… and He Proposed Marriage.”

Ya know, I like to give props where props are due.

Jamari Fox has had a change of heart.
And as usual, it took my readers to show me a light.
… one with sequins and platinum wigs.
All night I was up thinking about this.
I was actually reading the comments over and over.
I did some quick reference checks and was about to do a bar graph and presentation for you.

Yesterday’s riveting conversation featuring Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Puff”
Our fem sisters are killing the game right now.
It isn’t Vixens we should be competing with.
It is really these damn fems and trannies!
They know how to get their Wolf, suck him stupid, and have him hooked.

So I’m thinking brutal take over.
Time for the Foxes to play a little hard ball.
So, I have to ask:

Are you ready to get it together?

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UPDATED: The Way Your Fox Swag Drips…

Do you have Fox Swag?

Just a simple question.
Don’t scrunch your face up and get all sick about it.

Fox Swag, imo, is a mixture of a lot of things.
Fox Swag is confidence, first and foremost.
But Fox Swag is taking an outfit and wearing it, rather than it wearing you.
Fox Swag is also that “something” about you that is unexplainable.

Fox Swag also makes everyone desperately COPY YOU.
From how you act, how you dress, or your flawless attitude and personality.

All Foxes have swag.
That is a MUST.
This is what makes us different from the Jackals and Hyenas.
Fox Swag  lets the Jackals and Hyenas know to watch what they say to you.
With that swag, you will use it to whip these Wolves into shape.
By looking at you, they know they need to cum a lot harder.
They have to leave that wack game for the amateurs.
You could be ugly, thin, built, or average.
Masculine, feminine, or in-between.
You know you have Fox Swag by OWNING WHATEVER/WHOMEVER YOU DO.

Here is another quick lesson…

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MEAT (The Intro)

I see fine men daily.
I also see fine ass men online hourly.
I always seem to click the right thing and then I’m going through pages of sexy ass men.

Then I start wondering:

How can I get that?
or Why am I not with that?
What is wrong with me?
Maybe I am not insert what I THINK I am lacking here.

A total mind fuck if I ever saw one.
You know you do it too.
So I thought I’d try something new with IJF.

Something I’m sure my Foxes would enjoy.

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