Scott VS “Could That Thing Even Fit In My Mouth?”

don’t let the innocent picture fool you.
this wolf is paccccccccking some major:

please brace yourself…


thanks to my f-bi meat inspector who sent me this.

22 thoughts on “Scott VS “Could That Thing Even Fit In My Mouth?”

  1. This man is perfection personified! That penis looks dangerous lol Great job on the photography and editing too. I love the simpleness of the singe color wall paint against the model. The pictures are great quality. Almost like art.

  2. FYI–To all the foxes who would try to service this thing, be careful because you will have a jaw full of pockets.

      1. Lmao, when I was in college, we showed a friend grandmother a picture in a magazine of a girl sucking a huge dick as a joke, and she hollered out ” that gal is gonna have a jaw full of pockets”, I literally fell out in the floor laughing, God Rest this old lady soul because she was hilarious. I have been saying this ever since when I hear or see someone sucking dick.

  3. *Gags* I would try!!!

    Btw those pics are great I just wish he would do something with that damn bush. He doesn’t have to cut it off but damn cut it like you care

      1. it will fit …. as long as you take the time to lick and slobber on it roll the head around in your mouth before you work your way down it …. now as far as fitting in _____ ___ thats another thing. lol

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