Justin Bieber Playfully Grabs Jaden Smith’s Butt Cheek?

according to mto.

1364904726222198b78fthat foolin’ around also led to one butt cheek grabbin too


HIgginsHousewives_hands_gif-thumb-350x197-17576now wait!
before everyone starts pointing fingers,
maybe they were wrestling?
justin grabbed his butt cheek for support before he got slammed?
okay i’m not helping with my choice of words either.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Playfully Grabs Jaden Smith’s Butt Cheek?”

  1. I’m tryin to grab Justin’s, he got a cute lil ass lol. I’m like the only one who think he’s bad, but I don’t give af lol.

  2. Even if he was grabbing Jaden’s ass, he would be on no homo shit if the paps were right there… I can see if they snuck and caught them, but clearly they knew the cameras were there… (dumb shit)

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