Justin Bieber Playfully Grabs Jaden Smith’s Butt Cheek?

according to mto.

1364904726222198b78fthat foolin’ around also led to one butt cheek grabbin too

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“Yo Straight Gay Wolf, Do Wanna Be My Manz? PAUSE and NO HOMO.”

Have you ever told a Straight Wolf about you?

Not any Straight Wolf, but the one you real cool with.
He is pretty much your best friend (do people still have those these days?)
He will call you when he was Vixen, or any problem for that matter.
He has no issue taking off his shirt or walking around in his drawz.
But, he will also, for some odd reason, act like you are his man… low-key.
And then when you think the coast is clear for you to be bold,
he says:


but will then do some other suspect shit on a later date.


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I Like It When It Is HARD

I remember when I was younger
and I use to play Nintendo like it was going out of style…

The joys of seeing the ending credits of a video games.
My pre-teen dick would get bigger because
I whopped some dragon over his head and dropped him in some lava.
I would stay up for hours playing games just so I could beat them.
There was not one game that I could not beat.
You handed it to me and I would beat that shit in a couple days.
And when it came to games where I had to play with people?
That is when I showed my Foxy ass!!
I always accepted a challenge and never backed down from the thought of defeat.

Well a Wolf is a game that Foxes need to learn how to play.
Here is how…

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