Ruh Roh (The Storm)

tumblr_n19hq6l4RE1tslp3co1_500there is a storm on the horizon.
can you smell it?
shit i can smell and feel it.
there is a scandal a brewing
(and not the hit show tonight at 10pm on abc).
so one of my blogger favs,
hit me up about the free passes to ( x dickland ) we all got.
it was like christmas on tumblr.
this is what he had to say…
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Sisqo Has Some Peen Leakage… A Couple Years Too Late

first it was method man.
i actually wanted to see his.
now it’s another blast from the past by the name of:

tumblr_lpshc57Jbm1qj3uuto1_500although no on really cares.
this should have happened during “the thong song” era.
funky divena,
or “the meat packing district” as i’m starting to call her site,
has the leaks.
you know i copped em.
definitely NSFW

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UPDATED: Amber’s Roses


Me, Her, and Him.

I’m sure that’d make for an exciting sex tape.

If you’ve always wanted to see Miss Rose naked,
well your dreams have cum true.

(as some of you will be cummin pretty soon…)

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Malik’s Dick Game

Something about that Hosea Chanchez.
Maybe the way he plays Malik makes me horny.
Cocky as all hell.
Boy do I love the assholes.

I dunno.

I’d let him tackle my tight end in a NY second.
Good to know he isn’t cheap on the meat either.

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