when did i take the wrong turn towards the upside-down place? (stranger things)

i must have entered the upside-down place ala stranger things.
i’m waiting for the call of love-making from of a big ass monster to emit in the background.

…but i guess a fly was sent to torment me in the meantime.
there is a fly in my apartment that is determined to drive me crazier than i been feeling.
i don’t know what it is about this week or the last month,
but shit has been turned upside down for me.
it has been legit stranger things since this merucry retrograde.
so much shit has been lowkey poppin’ off irl just this week alone.

Broke my Studio Beats
My AirPod Pros aren’t working
My sister is on the highway to hell
Money, Money, (Low) Money
My therapist retires next week

Motivation is at an all-time low

if it ain’t one thing,
it’s the next.
ig is the next on my “wtf” this morning…

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Something Is Up With Aunt Wendy

is aunt wendy aight?
she canceled her show yesterday because of “flu symptoms”,
but ended up having to cancel for the rest of the week.
i mean the flu is out here taking lives,
but i’m getting a little concerned for her.
you know she never misses a day of work.
well she put up this video to let everyone know what’s going on…
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Week: 13 of 25

unemployment stops on week 25.
this is the 13th week in.
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The Apple Didn’t Fall Too Far From The Week

was this week a weird one for anyone else?
i don’t know about anyone else,
but i felt completely off in my forest.
now i could blame it on “giving things power”,
or the venus retrograde in current effect,
or my tail hangs to far to the left than right,
but something was up and i didn’t know what.
when i opened my macbook,
my “i” button was trying to hit on my nerve.
it would not stop typing “i” on the screen.
it was like the ghost of present “fuck you” was holding down the button.
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WOLF MEAT: (340)

tumblr_lq18ddc9Pw1qjmb49o1_500did you get down on your knees this morning?
you should be thankful god woke you up.
grateful to be brought out of yesterday safely.
it’s also going to be an amazing week a-head
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Would You Let This Baller Wolf “Rumba” Your Brains Out?

jacoby jones is killing it on dancing with the stars.

jacoby-joneseach week,
he beats that floor DOWN.
last night he did it again
this time,
with no shirt on…

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