Something Is Up With Aunt Wendy

is aunt wendy aight?
she canceled her show yesterday because of “flu symptoms”,
but ended up having to cancel for the rest of the week.
i mean the flu is out here taking lives,
but i’m getting a little concerned for her.
you know she never misses a day of work.
well she put up this video to let everyone know what’s going on…

auntie said don’t you dare catch her out here with her wig off:

i hope she is gonna aight tho.
something is off with her.

lowkey: i thought she was trying to play sick to cock block that husband of hers.
i guess this is serious.
she needs some weight on her tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Something Is Up With Aunt Wendy”

  1. I was thinking she was back on the narcotic. She’s always sniffing and her nose leaks like a faucet. Her vegan diet is the reason she says she’s so thin.

  2. I saw the vid on on The Shade Room IG. I thought she was making a pitch for Yzma in Disney live action “The Emperor’s New Groove”.

    On a serious note… I hope she hasn’t been using the booger sugar again. She does need to put on some weight.

  3. Damn, I thought she jus took off for V-Day, but then when she didn’t appear the day after I was like maybe she got into it w/ her arranged husband.

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