Something Is Up With Aunt Wendy

is aunt wendy aight?
she canceled her show yesterday because of “flu symptoms”,
but ended up having to cancel for the rest of the week.
i mean the flu is out here taking lives,
but i’m getting a little concerned for her.
you know she never misses a day of work.
well she put up this video to let everyone know what’s going on…
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So The Flu Is Out Here Claiming Fingers and Toes Now

this flu is out of control foxhole.
it’s having folks fingers and toes getting cut off.
you read right.
a foxholer sent me an article today that has me shooketh.
i’m two seconds from taking a bath in orange juice.
this is what “the daily mail” had to say…
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Expect A High Body Count This Season

i have been fighting this sickness.
i had no energy to do anything.
all i did was sleep and binge watch a show.
my body literally was putting me on time out.
you may/may not have been like me,
but this flu season has been hell.
it’s so bad,
they have been ( x shutting down schools ).
according to “bloomberg” tho,
50,000 of us will die this season…
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Doctor, Doctor

This flu is kicking my ass.

It really is.

This is one of the times I wish I had a dude to take care of me.
Get me up on my soup and make store runs.
Check up on me on occasions.
Take my temperature and feed me my medicine…..

…. all while wearing Timbalands, a white apron, and buck ass NAKED….well, maybe boxer briefs.
Yeah I said it.
His stethoscope all swing buck wild.
Nasty ass….. you know what I mean.

(shit even give me a routine prostate exam….)

But, seriously, imagine this…

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