HELP! The Flu is Killing Them!

they been passing this flu around at my job like herpes

it seems like everyone in new yawk is trying to dodge the flu.
all across the united states.
this flu that is a more aggressive strain than the regular.
you know the regular?
you take some nyquil,
dress up in layers,
and sweat it out like the oldies.
this new shit going around?…

it’s straight killing you!
this one snow bunny looked like she was on her deathbed monday.
she came to my desk and i nearly jumped onto the ceiling.
she’s been out for the entire week so far.

i felt like it’s been trying to get me.
i been taking my multivitamins,
kicked the echinicea tea with lemon into high gear,
vicks on my chest,
taking nyquil severe,
and drinking smoothies with a ton of vitamin c in it.
i felt like it got me.
i came home and got the fuck into bed with the quickness.
when i woke up today,
i felt a little better,
but it seems like something is making me tired and just over it.
i’m not coughing,
but i have mucus dripping into my throat and my chest hurts a little.

I’m not trying to get it

i’m fighting that demon with all the energy i have.
be careful out here.
this flu is absolutely bonkers.
i am praying you and your loved one’s immune systems are teflon.

wash your hands/purel after touching anything
spray lysol around you like a force field
punch anyone who coughs in your direction

just make sure you’re good!

x see all the lives the flu took so far

lowkey: the flu shot seemed like a bad idea this year…

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “HELP! The Flu is Killing Them!”

  1. Good thing I got my vaccine last November, and it works. Everyone in my house is coughing like crazy and yet I feel like I got a protective shield around me.

  2. I get a flu shot every year and I don’t get sick. My doctor did tell me that I could still get this strain of flu, because it’s so strong, but I wouldn’t have it for long due to me getting the flu shot. That’s still scary as hell.

  3. Yo, I hate when people are sick and come to work. I go in on my co-workers when they do that. Why are you here if you don’t feel well? You will only get the next person sick, and then it will go around the office. The work can be done when you get better! Stay home!

  4. Babe I got that shit rite at the beginning of December and the shit almost ruined my Christmas!!!! I literally wasn’t better until the 20th! This shit wasn’t no joke, I’m not bein funny but it had my Hypochondriac mind scared I had HIV, cause I was just like why the Fck do I feel so bad when I usually never get sick, it wasn’t fun 😷

      1. No i meant the 20th of December lol if it went to the new year my ass would have been in the hospital lol but still 3weeks of not feeling weel was enough

      2. Yeah I got it early December too, and it lasted about 3 weeks. I don’t know what constitutes a flu, but I had like a really really bad cold for about the same amount of time. Lost my voice for like a week, terrible coughing and sneezing for the other week, and very little energy the last week. After that I recovered but I still feel like I’m fighting something. I have this weird feeling in my chest since Christmas. Went to the doctors and everything seems fine. I’m like 85-95%. Never quite at full. I just want this flu season to be over.

  5. It’s real out here! I work in the funeral industry part time and I’ve seen it for myself. A coworker at my regular job came knowing she had the flu and management was quick to send her ass home.

  6. This flu is something SERIOUS. This girl at my job literally fell out cuz she was so dam sick and still trying to work. She legit collapsed with sweats and tremors and shit, like something out of a zombie plague movie!

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