Week: 13 of 25

unemployment stops on week 25.
this is the 13th week in.

– i’ve sent out a ton of resumes today.
most have been “viewed”,
but nothing as of yet.

– sent two companies my stats for the foxhole.
both curved me so hard.
the foxhole didn’t adhere to the polices of the first one.
i don’t get 500k views a month for the other.
300k isn’t good enough?

– set up for ads,
but still waiting to hear whats good with that.

– my skin has gone crazy.
i had the clearest skin a couple weeks ago.
my skin has gone wild.
i don’t know if it’s because of stress or what?

i have so much pimples that i don’t even want to be seen.

– still waiting for my money to be moved to the new account.
broke af ain’t even the word.

– i’m depressed af and don’t feel like talking to anyone.
i almost feel like cutting everyone i know off “until”.
i’m almost dreading the “holiday” ig and snaps.

i’ll update every monday my developments with the foxhole.

14 thoughts on “Week: 13 of 25

  1. Hey,

    One of my supporters has emailed me this evening and linked me to this particular post of yours. He thought I could offer you some help and assistance.

    Quickly, I began blogging via Blogspot in September 2007. I then began creating youtube videos in August 2008 via youtube.com/XemVanAdams. I started XemVanAdams.com in January 2009 & ended it in January 2012 (Entertainment/Pop Culture). I then launched XemSays.com in April 2012 — writing and posting articles more geared towards relationships, gender, sexuality, etc. I was quite popular and well known amongst the community; as it seems you are as well.

    I used the following two ad networks to make money from my website and my videos. I encourage you to create accounts with both platforms to begin monetizing your blog.

    You will receive a check at the end of each month. Each time your ads are clicked, you receive a certain amount of money pinned to your account & each time a reader/viewer clicks a link, you receive a certain amount of money pinned to your account. For as long as the total amount reaches & exceeds $100.00, you are cut a check on the 22nd or 23rd of each month that is directly deposited into your checking account.

    Create a GOOGLE AD SENSE account — https://www.google.com/adsense/signup

    and Create a GAY AD NETWORK account — http://www.gayadnetwork.com/

    I dont know if you manage your own website, but my graphic designer acted as my webmaster for both XemVanAdams.com, as well as XemSays.com. He would insert at least 3 ADS from Google Ad Sense and then at least 2 ADS from Gay Ad Network.

    Technically, you’re only suppose to use GOOGLE AD SENSE by itself, but to increase my revenue, I added Gay Ad Network as well once GOOGLE AD SENSE was up and running. DO NOT add GAY AD NETWORK until Google Ad Sense is approved.

    I was also denied approval for a lot of the larger advertising networks back in the day as a result of my content that was LGBT focused. It wasnt more so the original articles I wrote, as it was the “sexual” stock photos I used to support the written articles. It frustrated me to the holy heavens, but I refused to water down my material simply to receive acceptance into these larger ad networks. I knew my audience and I wanted to continue releasing material that I knew would cater to their desires and interests.

    I encourage you to continue pressing forward. I have long stepped away from the days of daily posting. I sometimes post a picture on my twitter, instagram, tumblr and facebook accounts, but my days of creating video and blog content are long gone. I tip my hat to you and the others who are now carrying the torch.

    I hope my link aids you a bit in being able to make money for your platform.

    If you want to talk further, please email me your phone number and we can certainly talk on the phone or via text.

    1. ^omg this is amazing!!!
      thank you xem and the foxholer who sent you a message!

      i will definitely take in this information.
      i signed up for google ads last week and it is still taking forever to get approved.
      i’ll look into the gay network and see what they will do for me.
      if anything,
      i’ll send you an email!

      thank you again!!!

  2. Jamari I know what you are going through. Just keep plan ting those seeds and something will bear fruit. Just remember to think outside the box when it comes to job hunting. HUG

  3. I think you will find a job sooner than later. Also don’t rule the receptionist job out, you probably will hear something from them soon.

  4. Have you thought about separating the blog. Make one about entertainment/fashion and the other more personal/wolves/gay content?

    1. ^i actually want that.

      i wanted one site with various sections for where i could put different things.
      so one would be for ent,
      and my personal stuff.
      i cant find a layout that will cater to that tho.
      still looking,
      but good suggestion kb!

  5. Jamari, I love your blog! I’m catching up – do you have a degree? If you do, what is it in?

  6. At least your doing something about it don’t worry the big man upstairs has you.

    its funny I read an article sometime last week that gay blogs are disappearing much faster these days. (FYI I see your blog as an everything blog). it was saying its harder for these blogs have a harder time getting ad companies like google ad sense feel blogs with gay content goes against their family friendly policy.

    its hard because i feel like the art of written word is lost in this ultra fast social media world we live in.

    1. ^which im starting to see.

      they don’t want to give me sponsorship because im not simply just talking about entertainment.
      im not talking about music.
      i talk about EVERYTHING including my life.
      that has me thinking i won’t be taken seriously because i happen to be gay.
      so im doomed?

      1. I wouldn’t say you’re doomed I think you just need some sponsors that want to advertise to your readers. Majority(not all) of us are black, fall somewhere with in the LGBT community, and are men. There has to be someone out trying to sell to that market.

        I listen to a few podcasts and they have sponsors that range from Nature Box, and Bevel to Adam & Eve and square space.

        Maybe someone in the foxhole has some kind of experience with these can can lend some advice.

  7. Jamari – with regard to your job search, have you tried finding a job that you like the look of, and can do, then adjusting your CV, and skill set to fit the job? I’ve found that gave me a better result rate than sending out my CV to companies in general. I hope this helps, and I hope you find employment soon! Daytime TV is designed to either drive you mad, or get you back to work! 🙂 Good luck!

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