I Got Victor Cruz For Breakfast

i like victor cruz.
he brought to the foxhole the greatest nudes entries.
slapmyfatty will forever be iconic for that.
i use to think victor just had nice arms,
great style,
and was the “handsome but dumb” baller wolf.
i won’t lie,
after this interview with “the breakfast club”

…he is pretty intelligent and articulate.
he seems like he has a good spirit also.
i liked that he handled the tough questions with ease.
i had a feeling charlamagne was gonna ask about ( x that side chick incident )…
…but he didn’t let it frazzle him at all.
i like that.
he even requested not to be asked anything about that,
but you know charla has a blackbelt in “messy”.
never let them see ya sweat!
i see him doing more “entertainment”.
even though he wants to play ball still,
he brings a certain energy to his photo ops/celebrity life.

i’ll allow victor cruz tho.
his nice arms,
and whatever team/career choice he goes to next.

lowkey: i would let him do that salsa dance all up in my…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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