Victor Cruz And His Alleged Hoes Get A Meet ‘N’ Greet!

3b051218-5c82-412d-b9f9-29ef615c5a47so i got some news today.
how funny it involved baller wolf for the new york giants,
victor cruz and his fiance,
elaina watley.
before we get into it,
i had to show you all the following first.
so this is an alleged text that elaina sent all of his harem…



















i could never.
she played herself.
the screen shot is from mediatakeout so…

now its time for the news.
so i was talking to a friend of mine in the industry earlier.
we were catching up and they were telling me what has been going on.
so the subject of “fuckin baller wolves” came up.
my favorite topic.
victor cruz name was mentioned.
how ironic i come home and see that alleged text.
well lets keep these “alleged” rolling out.
victor is fuckin’ this vixen my people knows.
victor and elaina are not even together.
their relationship is just for the “perfect family” photo ops.
they simply just co-parent and everything is for show.
victor is fuckin’ a lot of hoes right now.
my people saw him with their own two eyes with some hoe.

giphy-1…you’re welcome.
hell if you go to his instagram,
elaina is barely even on it.
i had a feeling victor had secrets tho.
hell does even play ball anymore?
all i see him doing is red carpet and interviews.

as far as that text message goes,
who does that?
i would be damned if i made myself look so…
why would you want to know his hoes?
i’d rather get to know his bank account and my lawyers.
if a wolf is gonna cheat,
he is going to cheat on you.
this is not exclusively for baller wolves.
regular wolves get tested with easy pussy/ass every single day.
all you need to do is figure out how you will handle him.

break his shit
cry in your pillow
go buy a yacht

just no desperate ass text messages/dms to the hoes tho.
don’t go out like that.

lowkey: is it bad that my only beef next to contracting hiv is…
him putting a hoe before me?
hoes are there for a reason.
maybe he wants to shit on someone stomach?
i won’t be doing that.
he need to call up hoe 3# and squat over them.

 once you start spending money and getting emotionally attached tho…
that’s when ima have to bust your ass.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “Victor Cruz And His Alleged Hoes Get A Meet ‘N’ Greet!”

  1. LMAO…no you didn’t slip an Osi reference in there!!
    Victor is a handsome dude, and he’s getting paid right now…even though his ass ain’t actually playing. Chicks see that and all they want is a piece of the pie. What’s the plan? Easy, get knocked up by him…and they THINK they’ll be set for life. Little do these dumb ass tricks know that that lifestyle doesn’t last forever. These dudes don’t make the big bucks forever, and most of them are broke by the time they hang up their cleats…or well on their way. AND to add insult to injury, that chick is splitting support payments with the other baby mamas in other cities. Thy only see the here and now, and not the future…where they will be dragging that player into court for support payments. LOL
    Vic is getting all the ass he can that is being thrown at him, because at one point he was nobody.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how the main chick always goes to the side hoes instead of common denominator..the man! Yup Yup…she most definitely played herself and exposed her self too…..ALLEGEDLY😁😁😁😁. She could have continued putting on a front and acted like those chick’s didn’t exist. Now all you’ve done is acknowledge their existence…

  3. Oh…and his baby mama made herself look stupid as hell posting some mess like that. If it’s that serious…go your own way baby girl. No need to stick around.
    In NY she’d get a reasonable amount of child support.

  4. I wish she didn’t call them whores, because if they’re whores, and Victor’s ass is coming back to you after its all said and done, he’s a whore too.

    Deal with him. Stop being the chick whose mad at the chicks your FUCKBOI ass “fiancé” (if this is a real relationship when it’s all said and done) is dealing with instead of the main issue: your dear, sweet FUCKBOI.

  5. Okay I’m at a lost of words pertaining to her sending that text, but I have a couple questions for anyone to answer. Why do men cheat? Also if you’ll were in a long term relationship with a dude and he cheated would you’ll take him back?

    1. I don’t think it’s fair to say just say men cheat as women do it to (and are a lot of times better at it). I would say because the oppunity is there and they want to, that plain and simple.

      As far as me taking back someone who cheated on me, it depends.Part of me thinks I would give him 1 second chance if he really seemed sorry , but most people cheat thinking they will not get caught so if he thought he would get away with It the first time what makes me think he won’t try again

  6. She said all that and they still had her man. Nobody is winning in this situation but Victor lol. These people really allow their men to embarrass them like this smh.

  7. Wow the balls of her lol

    I think it’s common knowledge that if you a sports star pussy is getting thrown at you from space and back. If I am a girlfriend or wife of a big time sports wolf, thinks my man is not cheating or doing other stuff in the year 2015 even though it’s been proven with all of these big times pineapples that cheat and get caught , I must be either stupid or navie.

  8. If I was her I wouldn’t go no where either. Marry him first and get that spousal support before the well dries up.

    Latina women are a little more tolerant of cheating men anyway.

    She’s attractive though.

  9. I am not surprised, all athletes cheat. I always thought Victor was one of the good ones tho. I guess, I have to believe the stories about Jay Z smashing him might have some validity lol.

      1. Y’all know they say Jay Z get down as quiet as it is kept. Remember Larry Johnson? They were “roommates” years ago. Y’all sleep because Jay Z is not cute. When you are cute, people care if you are gay or not. You recognize that?

  10. Hence why I’m not attracted to baller wolves. I know any man can do this, but these “baller” idiots have huge tendency to be disgusting with their ways. They won’t just cheat, they’d be messy and unhygienic about it too.

    Too much arrogance, and too much traffic for me. #Turn off.

    These girls who act surprised are a joke. It’s more surprising to find good stable families coming from these “ballers”. Give me a hot accountant any day. Regardless of who they are, anyone can cheat, but if you’re surrounded by enablers and people who will give it up to you, it seems almost natural to cheat.

    I’ll stick with real world people, if they cheat on me #ByeFelicia, and if I don’t get rid of them right away (second chance) they’d be walking on very thin ice with me because trust is everything. Once that is gone, so are you. No one is that important to me, and that’s a lesson that these girls/boys need to learn if they’re going to mess with a baller wolf. Know what you’re getting yourself into and ask: “What’s more important?” “What are my goals out of this?” because if they’re expecting normalcy and monogamy, they’re barking up the wrong tree.

    *Sigh* Silly Elaina.

  11. The fact she is still a “fiance” proved she failed. A fiance is just a higher level girlfriend — he is under no obligation to marry him. She better shut up, get that child support while he is making good money, an get an education and learn to earn her own money. Because a large share of baller wolves end up broke.

  12. Sadly, you are only as faithful as your options. Athletes have groupies throwing themselves at them every second so it’s no surprise when they cheat. Just like when dudes can go and hook up with a random dude after a 30 second jack’d “conversation”. If the option is right there at your fingertips then it’s very easy to do it especially if tempted.

    I’m not speaking for myself btw, just an observation in general. However, Victor is a dog for that. ugh. Nasty.

  13. I’m confused. Any professional football player has been getting all the pussy he could stand since, at least, age 16. They know that most want them for the money, or even the possibility of money. Any woman engaged to a pro baller who thinks he’s not cheating is a fool. Her group text was one ho asserting her dominance over all the others. I see nothing wrong with it. She was saying, ” I get the house the cars and the money and you get a small stack of bills on the nightstand when he leaves. He will eventually leave me too. But, I will get a house, alimony and child support. Perhaps, I’ll even get a shot at a reality show called ” I used to fuck a pro-athlete.” She seems like she knows the deal she signed up for and is down with it. That’s how you get to be wifey.

    1. Is that really winning though?

      That would have been her life achievement. To get pregnant by an idiot (if they have kids, im not sure) and extort money from him. Seems like a pointless and a painful existence to know that I’m just a thot whose sole purpose is to raise some moron’s offspring while his only consequence is to pay child support while he runs around sticking his dick into anything that moves. You still have to raise the child and pick up the pieces, and continue thotting from baller to baller to ensure future paychecks just in case.

      I dont understand because I associate independence with purpose. Without it, I might as well be dead. I could never understand gold diggers.

      1. You sound like someone who has never been hungry. People do a lot worse things than fuck a fine professional athlete to keep body and sou together. Some people believe that all they have to offer the world is the shape of their bodies for a few years. i can’t fault anyone who thinks that for using it to bet advantage.

      2. Never been hungry? lol, I’m not going to entertain that statement.

        If that’s winning for you, take it, but I still feel the same.

        Women like this are not comparable to porn stars, prostitutes, strippers, who sell their body as WORK who are ACTUALLY hungry. They work, unlike these women. I’m not judging them if thats you’re saying, because that’s different. These women who jump from baller to baller with the plan of trapping them and getting pregnant and using their baby as a source of money will never get respect from me. Sorry, not buying it.

        (yes, i know there are respectable baller wives who work and aren’t like this, but im talking about the ones that ARE)

        i’m not saying this elaina girl is that extreme either but she certainly isn’t the smartest. Victor is the source of the problem though, he’s just an idiot.

  14. @Jay…you can’t fault them, but it’s sad as fuck. You’re known for giving good head or ass and nothing more?! Come on…there’s gotta be a better existence.
    Sadly…all ya gotta do is go on IG though and the proof is in the puddin’!! LMAO

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