The Apple Didn’t Fall Too Far From The Week

was this week a weird one for anyone else?
i don’t know about anyone else,
but i felt completely off in my forest.
now i could blame it on “giving things power”,
or the venus retrograde in current effect,
or my tail hangs to far to the left than right,
but something was up and i didn’t know what.
when i opened my macbook,
my “i” button was trying to hit on my nerve.
it would not stop typing “i” on the screen.
it was like the ghost of present “fuck you” was holding down the button.

i kept calm.
even from ( x the incident at apple ) a few days ago,
i managed to stay in a good place.
i had moved on from the nonsense to other issues.

this needed a resolve tho

i’m writing my first book and the foxhole needs updating.
so i calmly called apple and explained myself.
i spoke to a very nice vixen who listened to me.
when describing the issue,
i made sure she understood this wasn’t my fault.
it wasn’t.
if i spilled something on my laptop,
i would have been upfront about it.
i wouldn’t have went.
this “some keys not working” thing has been the story for me.
i got the laptop fixed last year for the same issue.
this year,
the three of same keys that are in the same row aren’t working,
and that white hyena is telling me this is my fault?

don’t even try me

an even nicer snow wolf from customer relations hopped on the phone to hear the issue.
well guess what?

he said he would cover the entire repair after looking at the notes

he will be handling my case directly.
the whole “rude experience” at the apple store and i’m still under warranty helped also.
i thanked him tremendously.

that was a good end towards a “wtf” week

13 thoughts on “The Apple Didn’t Fall Too Far From The Week

  1. With Apple Genius, I would go to a different location. When I was traveling to school on route to Detroit, my messenger bag had my MacBook Pro inside and was tied to my luggage handle. Some how it got loose and fell on the floor. This computer was not getting internet and I took it to a Detroit Summerset Apple Genius store. The guy would not replace my motherboard still under warranty. Traveling back to Miami, the Girl at the Apple Lincoln Rd store was very nice and compassionate that she replace it and free of charge on my bill.

    1. ^and see that’s why i called!
      plus they were able to see the notes rather than how fast that asshole ran back with my macbook and then came out with this oil story.
      ill go to another Apple Store from now on.

  2. Glad you didn’t let the first no stop you. Sometimes you have to recollect and try again. This week was a weird one for me too. I’m a very cautious person, but somehow I managed to lose my debit card. The person who found it decided to go on a lil shopping spree at Macys, fill up their gas tank on the way there, and grab lunch at Taco Bell. Lol. I was tight. After looking everywhere for it, I went to the bank to report the situation. Luckily the lady was nice, and she shut that card down and gave me a new one. Now I just have to wait a few days before I get my money back. At first I was upset, but I came to the realization that things happen and you just have to keep pushing until something better happens.

    1. ^omg im sorry!!!

      that seems to be the thing now with debit fraud.
      even with these chips,
      it’s still a problem.
      im glad you are getting your money back and everything will be good.
      you are right tho on just stepping back and looking forward.

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