She Makes Me Give Good Brains

tumblr_nil4xo93ST1thte97o1_r7_500i love when people keep me on my toes.
the foxhole does when it comes to stories to write about.
one of my dear friends,
also does the same.
that’s one of the many things i love about her.
she is extremely intelligent and very pro-ed.
her cub is super smart.
as much as we like to talk shit,
she also sends me activities or articles to keep my brain working.
earlier this week,
she wanted me to try a writing challenge with her.

100 words.
subject: good buddy.
due: yesterday

well i had done thursday.
this is what i wrote…

Do people want a good buddy anymore? It seems no one knows how to be
one. In this new generation of cell phones and social media accounts,
everyone is connected but not trying to connect on a human level. It
can be really frustrating when you want to hear someone’s voice, but
you sent to their pre-recorded one. Group messages are the new
“3-way”. Why go to a bar or club when you can scroll through their
Instagram or Twitter? You are even judged by how many followers you
have. Maybe a good buddy is a relic of the past?

animated_cog_braini started off trying to write something about star fox.
an open letter of sorts.
i couldn’t find the words at that moment.
that one came to me much easier so i let the creativity flow.
the next challenge title is: “us”.
i already know what i’m going to write about.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “She Makes Me Give Good Brains”

  1. I like what you wrote J, very true. Also interested in reading what you’re going to write about the next subject.

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